Vacuum Technology Thermocompressors

Thermocompressors are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to reduce venting of low-pressure steam.

Recovery of the latent heat content of low-pressure steam finally results in energy savings. Our steam jet systems are reliable and require low maintenance.


Steam jet compressors are used in evaporating, distillation, cooling, crystallization, deodorization, degassing and drying under vacuum.

In the positive pressure range the compressed exhaust vapors are used for heating (heat pump).

Mode of operation

Steam jet compressors use the energy of a vapor flow  of a high pressure level and compress a vapor flow of low pressure level to a medium pressure level.

Normally, such steam jet compressors are operated by water steam as motive and suction fluid. Basically, however, steam jet compressors can be operated with any vapor.

A steam jet compressor must be constructed to unite the operating conditions accurately, otherwise the efficiency will be poor or it will not work at all. Even so, for a better understanding of the method of operation of steam jet compression, it is important to consider behavior under varying operating conditions.



  • Large vapor volumes, particularly in high vacuum ranges, are easily handled
  • Low investment cost due to the relatively simple construction
  • Long operational life expectancy as steam jet compressors
  • Can always be constructed of a suitable corrosion resistant material
  • High operational safety and low maintenance as no moving parts are involved

In relation to these advantages, the efficiency does not play significant role, compared to other compressors. As a result of it being custom built for a duty, with correct design and application a high operating efficiency can be achieved.