Scraper - 16°

Ruggedly built, the 16° Scraper cleans the alleys effectively. The 16° angle designed is for stabilizing the scraper. The manure is directed evenly toward the center where the pulling force is applied.

  • When the scraper is backing up, the tilting blade flips up to avoid bringing manure. Also, the folding ends folds towards the center to get away from the side curbs. It reduces the risk of injuring the cows that are lying in the stalls.
  • The scraper itself is 7½" (19 cm) high.
  • Available with floor mounted or groove guided draw bar.
  • Adapted for alleys between 73" (1,85 m) to 204" (5,18 m) in width.
  • Available with steel blades or flexible urethane blades that can be adjusted to compensate wear. Several draw bar accessories available for concrete alley, rubber flooring and sand bedding.
  • Optional hinge to fold up the scraper towards the center.
  • Choice among different folding ends: regular 6" (15 cm) high, slanted or regular with roller.
  • The optional adjustable folding ends keeps the scraper centered widthwise while cleaning an alley without a groove.

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