Sandwiching machine

Capptronic sandwiching line – the smart option for precision and versatility

The Capptronic HS sandwiching technology can be configured to produce double or triple sandwich, filled or spot-deposited biscuits, directly in line with the oven, without the need for complex, expensive stacking systems.

Depositors machine capptronic biscuits

The Capptronic HS comprises a conveyor that aligns biscuits coming out of the tunnel oven and cooling conveyors, from where they are transferred to a conveyor on which the processes of overturning, depositing and capping are carried out. Biscuit caps are gently positioned using Venturi effect suction cups, which minimizes the risk of damage and product loss. 

Developed to offer high depositing accuracy, the Capptronic HS features a smart biscuit tilting system, coupled with a manifold design that maintains product weight, so you can expect reproducible, precisely formed products, whatever recipe, texture or form. 

All moving parts are driven by robust servo motors, which can be controlled automatically according to recipe, and fine tuned manually so you can maintain precise control of every parameter. The system also features a built-in function for bypassing unfilled products, which reduces waste and stoppage time. 

Constructed using food-grade stainless steel, Capptronic HS has been designed to aid fast and thorough washing, and to minimize the risk of water sitting and stagnating in any areas of the equipment after washing. All the conveyor components can be stripped down for easy cleaning, and the manifold and capping motion units are housed in secure stainless steel enclosure.  

Capptronic HS features and benefits, at-a-glance

  • Hygienic design – optimum product safety
  • Servo-motor driven moving parts – precise adjustments and reproducible processing 
  • Optional bypass system for unfilled products – less waste and stoppage time 
  • Fast, easy product change-over without tools – reduced bottlenecks and delays
  • Trolley-mounted manifolds for easy dismantling – fast, thorough washing reduces down time and resource use
  • Washing manifold for efficient drainage and pipe cleaning – helps to ensure emptying and thorough cleaning of difficult to reach parts 
  • Continuous belt washing – reduces stoppage time 
  • Large, user-friendly display -  easy adjustment of settings and fewer user errors
  • Versatile design and optional configurations – flexibility to process multiple product types, including double or triple sandwiches, and rectangular or square-shaped cookies. 

Optional features

We realize that every business will have different requirements, so we offer optional features for the Capptronic  HS, including a quality control machine vision system that can detect and eject substandard single products that are broken, inadequately baked or the wrong size. An optional manifold with photo eye-controlled no product no deposit functionality can also be supplied.



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