iDURO Single Beam Rotary Parlour

The iDURO is a high performance entry level rotary platform, making it a perfect option for those with shorter operating times.

Allowing for a seamless integration with all automation products and expert milking equipment the iDURO can grow with your business. A low maintenance cost effective system that will keep you running during your peak operating times. The solution starts with the platform and stalling to suit your needs, then the milking system and automation options are customised to suit your budget, ensuring your new solution is future proofed.

Key Features

  • Milking machinery installed under the platform providing physical protection of the equipment
  • Robust concrete deck for smooth and quiet operation
  • Nylon pedestal roller system for reduced maintenance costs
  • Streamlined bail for superior cow comfort


iCONVEYER is a fast and highly efficient lowline rotary milking system.

Milk is transferred gently from the cow to the receiver before being filtered, cooled and stored in the bulk tank. Low operating vacuum levels ensures cow teat end comfort throughout the milking process. 

Automation and highly intelligent milking equipment designed and developed specifically for rotaries are key features of the system. With the iCONVEYER you can build your system to meet your automation requirements now and into the future.


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