Rotary Parlor AutoRotor Magnum 40

With the AutoRotor Magnum 40, you benefit from excellent stimulation, milking technologies that are gentle on the udder and automatic release for excellent milking performance. Milk your cows in the blink of an eye!

Higher throughput, ease of use and animal-friendly milking – the AutoRotor Magnum 40 rotary milking parlor combines these benefits like no other parlor before. Its intelligent design provides better access to the cow, as well as making it easier to clean and therefore more hygienic. The gentle rotation and regulated entry ensures a stress-free, animal-friendly milking process.

An efficient solution down to the last detail: an overview of the specifics of the Magnum 40:

  • Available in different sizes with 16 to 40 milking stalls
  • The herringbone design of the milking stalls gives the milker better access
  • High-quality materials and durable technology
  • Round place dividers provide easier access for the cows
  • Few moving parts to increase cow comfort and reduce the risk of injury
  • Can be expanded with various milking control devices for optimized management
  • AutoRotor Magnum 40-F with feeder.

Magnum 40 rotary milking parlor: higher throughput, less work

The greatest strength of the AutoRotor Magnum 40 is its high throughput: In just one hour, a single milker can milk up to 100 cows. This is made possible by the intelligent entry system and the ergonomic design of the milking stalls. All of the components connect together seamlessly and can be easily expanded. The milking stalls are placed at 40° to one another to give your colleagues fast access to the udder. The innovative milking arm helps with this as the milking cluster is placed beneath the udder automatically. At the end of the milking process, it pulls the milking cluster away and the cow can leave the milking parlor. GEA offers a range of cow herders and solutions for the waiting area to help the cows to enter the milking parlor. The advantage: As a systems provider, GEA knows the requirements of a modern dairy and creates systems that are easy to expand.

Optimized control with simple integration of milking control devices and herd management systems

You can expand the AutoRotor Magnum 40 with a range of powerful milking control devices. They can be integrated quickly and easily directly onto the milking stalls. This means that your colleagues always have the most important data to hand. The data is fed into the DairyManagementSystem 21 herd management software. You can also expand the AutoRotor Magnum 40 with our range of intelligent solutions on a modular basis at any time. This helps you to improve the efficiency of your milking processes, increase control and create a modern system for the future. The AutoRotor Magnum 40 is the first step towards the Farm of the Future.

Magnum 40 rotary milking parlor: durable materials that are easy to clean

Even the cleaning of the AutoRotor Magnum 40 rotary milking parlor has been designed right down to the smallest detail:

  • It consists of durable, easy to clean steel surfaces that ensure that your milking parlor stays as hygienic as possible.
  • Sloped surfaces in the milking stalls and interior ensure that water and dirt flow away quickly.

The important technology and hoses of the AutoRotor Magnum 40 are protected underneath the milking stalls to prevent contact with dirt and water. This simplifies the work required for the AutoRotor Magnum 40 on all levels: When entering, during milking and when cleaning the milking stall.

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