Rotary molder

High capacity rotary molder for processing softdough biscuits and shortbreads

The highest performance is combined with precise control of dough weight in every dough piece. The rotary molder can be customized to meet all processing requirements and can form part of a complete production line for a wide range of biscuits and cookies.

Forming systems

GEA high capacity rotary molder ensures precise control of dough weight and so consistent formation of every dough piece. Standard features include automatic belt tension and tracking. Tool-free mould changeover and belt replacement make switching between products fast and easy.

For high capacity processing of products that require short baking times through a long oven, GEA can configure the unit with bigger diameter forming rolls. This configuration offers smooth, high quality dough piece extraction from the mould to the oven belt. 

GEA rotary moulding units can be provided with full servo-motor control for precision and accuracy. Adjustments can be made through the user-friendly operator interface, and a recipe storage system ensures quick product changeover to reduce down time. 

Optional functionality and accessories that can be integrated with the rotary moulder include a brush or roller type egg wash distributor, sugar sprinkler, spray-type glazing unit, ink printer and topping machines. All GEA equipment is designed to meet the highest safety, hygiene and sanitization requirements.