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GEA Remote Support

What do you do when, all of a sudden, the world comes to a standstill? When you can no longer reach out? That’s where GEA Remote Support offers GEA expert assistance.

GEA Remote Support

In a fast-changing world, GEA is committed to keeping you within instant reach: helping you to navigate through to a new normal. With GEA Remote Support our experts are instantly available via video, without any pre-installed software or new IT-infrastructure.

Recognize your benefits:

  • Easy to setup – no need to install separate application
  • Fast communication and support with no physical contact
  • Bi-directional streaming of information

Experts available instantly – remote support

GEA is always looking to improve your service experience and with our Remote Support concept, we are not just offering you a video tool: we give you access to our expert knowledge, staying close and providing dynamic access to our experts and Field Service Personnel.

We are taking our service delivery efficiency to new level by always being available for you, whatever happens, while staying safe and secure.

Data security

GEA Remote Support can be used by default through any commercially available mobile device. GEA Remote Support uses a video streaming service that is safe and protects your data. Your security is of the highest concern to us so, by using a closed video network that doesn’t store information, we make sure we protect your IPs and production processes.

Go “hands-free” with GEA Eye Wear

GEA remote support offer package

To make accessing support even easier for you, GEA Remote Support offers a “hands-free” option: eye wear that gives you the freedom to communicate with our experts while performing actions. The specially-designed glasses, which include an integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone, allow hands-free remote support with several bidirectional functions. By projecting images onto the eye wear screen, repairs, process optimizations or inspections can be carried out immediately.

Want to learn more about GEA Remote Support and get immediate support, contact your GEA local office.


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