Pigging systems

VARICOVER® Product Recovery System 3A

Product Recovery Systems are used for the recovery of valuable products from pipe systems. The VARICOVER® Product Recovery System has been redesigned according to the new 3A standard for use in the US beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. The new pigging system design has implemented a more user friendly assembly and adjusting of all position sensors.

Product Recovery Systems are applicable for products as

  • Shampoo, lotions, creams, toothpaste
  • Pharmaceutical liquid products
  • Washing agents, cleaning agents
  • Yoghurt, quark, cheese
  • Fruit pulp, syrup, concentrates
  • Dough, vegetable oil
  • Personal care products

Range of Application in Production Plants

  • From product reception to pre-mix tanks
  • From pre-mix tanks to mixing/process tanks
  • From mixing/process tanks to storage tanks
  • From storage tanks to filler lines
  • From treatment lines to storage tanks/filler lines
  • Dairy and Food Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Personal and Health Industry

The following components meet the 3A Standard

  • Pig Cleaning Station MST 3A
  • Pig Catching Station
  • Pig Stopper 3A
  • Piggable Tee 3A
  • Pigs in Silicone and FKM

Application ranges

Product push-out
Product recovery systems are used for the ejection of viscous / flowing products from pipelines without mixing with any other media. This is especially required for high quality products in the food and beverages industries, as well as, pharmaceutical and personal and health care industries.

Product control
In addition to pushing out of products from the pipelines, product recovery systems are also used for gentle filling of pipelines with sensitive and foaming products. Even vertical pipelines can be easily filled by letting the product push the pig downwards in the pipe.

Types of product recovery systems

The pigging process can be implemented with different degrees of automation. That is why the portfolio of GEA Tuchenhagen offers three different product recovery systems:

1. Automatic product recovery systems
Due to the complete automation of the process, the pig can push out and be cleaned without manual action. The entire process takes place solely in the pipeline.

  • Safe operation by closed pipe systems
  • No pig removal required in operation
  • Automatic function mode and thus fully verifiable processes

2. Semi-automatic product recovery systems In contrast to the automatic product recovery systems, with the semi-automatic product recovery systems the pig is inserted and removed manually. Pushing out of product and returning of the pig then takes place automatically.

3. Manual product recovery systems In the manual product recovery system, the pig is manually inserted into the pipeline and at the end removed manually. The pig runs in only one direction.

Design of a product recovery system

A VARICOVER® product recovery system usually comprises of a pig cleaning station, a pig catching station with propellant medium valves, and a pig. The pig is placed in the pig cleaning station during production and cleaning. In the pig catching station, the pig is stopped mechanically after successful product push-out and the propellant medium valves are used for propellant medium supply (air/water). The pig components can be installed either in new systems or integrated into already present process systems.

Technical Data

Technical DataPlease refer to the catalog for more information.
Technical Data
SizesDN25  -DN100
1“OD – 4“OD
Product contact parts  (standard)Internals 1.4404
Inside Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
Outside matt finish
Non-product contact parts:1.4301
Surface matt finish
Seals:Standard EPDM (FDA)
Operating temp. 135° C
Sterilizing temp. 150° C (short time)
optional: FKM (FDA), HNBR (FDA))
Pigs:Silcone / FKM
(FDA, EU Regulation 1935/2004 food compliance)
Operating pressure
max. 16 bar for DN25-DN65
max. 10 bar for DN80/100
Control air
Pig Cleaning Station:min. 4.8 bar; max. 8 bar
Pig Stopper:min. 4.2 bar; max. 8 bar

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