Control and Feedback Systems

Control Top T.VIS® P-15 Position Controller

As a controller based on the technology of the T.VIS® A-15 with path measuring system, the T.VIS® P-15 in combination with an air-spring actuator can move to any required valve position between the open/close positions. The T.VIS® P-15 is characterized not only by its performance but also by its ease of operation and outstanding price/ performance ratio.


The T.VIS® P-15 is equipped with a precise path measuring system for detecting its position. 

The necessary wiring for control and feedback is configured using M12 plug connections that can be accessed externally.

Operation and configuration of the T.VIS® P-15 takes place either by the two push buttons mounted on the hood or, with the cap removed, via the buttons below. The push buttons are secured electronically against inadvertent or incorrect operation, while in operating mode.

The T.VIS® P-15 is equipped as standard with adjustable supply and exhaust air throttles.


  • Automatic initialization
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Manual operation of the process valve
  • Valve status display by LED
  • Open/close position feedback (optional)
  • Selectable dead band (control hysteresis)
  • High-quality pneumatic fittings
  • High potential for cost reduction
  • Standard protection class IP66

Position Control

The T.VIS® P-15 position controller works with an integrated microprocessor which contains the software for operation, visualization as well as intelligent position detection and evaluation. When a nominal value is specified (4 – 20 mA), e.g. by the PLC, the process valve can be set to any required position. The push buttons on the cap also make it possible to specify a nominal value manually, in order to set the process valve to the required position. The position is detected using a position transducer and is automatically controlled using two integrated solenoid valves. The valve disc position can also be permanently evaluated using the analog actual value output, as well as, three binary outputs in the PLC.


Automatic – following unlocking, simply pressing the two button on the cap of the T.VIS® P-15 starts the initialization process which runs fully automatically. There is no need to open the position controller for this purpose, resulting in particularly quick, easy and safe commissioning of the position controller (on average in < 1 minute).

Directly following the set-up, the open/close position tolerances, the control hysteresis and control characteristics can be set in the parameter menu.

Technical Data

T.VIS® P-15Please refer to the catalog for more information.
Technical Data of the Standard Version
Position detectionPath measuring system
Housing materialPA12/L
Ambient temperature-20 to +55 °C
Air supplyPressure range2 to 8 bar
Standardacc. to ISO 8573-1:2010
Solid contentQuality class 6
Water contentQuality class 4
Oil contentQuality class 3
Dimensions of air connectionsMetric 6/4 mm, inch 6.35/4.31 mm (¼")
Protection classIP 66 (powerful water jet)
Sound pressure level via exhaust air throttleMax. 72 dB
VisualizationLED (green, yellow, red, blue)
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