Aseptomag® valve line

Leakage Valves Aseptomag® LV

Aseptomag® leakage valves are used for the mixproof shut-off of incompatible products at pipe junctions in UltraClean processing plants.

The valve design is characterized by the sealing of the moving valve stems with stainless steel bellows and the leakage area which is open to atmosphere. Due to these two characteristics, the valve enables a simplified process compared to true aseptic installations but still provides enhanced product safety by having hermetically sealed valve stems. Therefore, this valve is ideal for UltraClean applications within the food, dairy and beverage industry as well as for certain application in the pharmaceutical industry.

Main Components

Housing for leakage valves are available with two, three, or four connection ports. The valves are produced with butt-weld connections by default. Mixed port connection sizes as well as various aseptic pipe connections are available upon request.

Internal Assembly
The internal assembly is equipped with a hard TEFASEP® seal for the axial, and an EPDM seal for the radial valve seat by default. In addition to the standard sealing material, an o-ring made of PTFE is optionally available for the axial valve seat seal.

The pneumatic actuator for the leakage valves LV is made of stainless steel and designed to be spring-closing/air-opening (NC). In addition to the full stroke, the standard design allows both valve seats to be lifted independently (EA). Optionally, the valve can be configured with an actuator where only the radial valve seat A can be lifted independently (AZ).

Due to its solid construction, the GEA Aseptomag® clamp enables a pressure stable and safe connection of the main components. The special design with three segments allows a service-friendly handling of the component, even under tight space conditions.

Feedback units
UltraClean leakage valves can be either equipped with open feedback units or T.VIS® feedback systems by default. Feedback units from third party suppliers can be mounted via special adaptors.

Aseptomag® Leakage Valves can be executed with an additional steam connection (DA), which enables intermediate steam flushing of the leakage area independent from any seat lifting.

Furthermore, a mechanical backstroke barrier (RSS) can be mounted on top of the pneumatic actuator. This unit interacts with the radial valve seat A and is used as an additional safety feature to maintain the mixproof valve functionality even in the event of pressure hammers up to 50 bar.

Technical data of standard execution

Nominal pressure valve10 bar
Closing pressure6 bar
Control air pressure6 bar
Hermetic sealing elementStainless steel bellows
Valve seat seal materialTEFASEP® / EPDM
Housing sealEPDM
Surface quality in product areaRa ≤ 0.8
Material quality in product areaAISI 316L / AISI 316Ti
Max. operating temperature135 °C (275 °F)
Max. sterilization temperature150 °C (302 °F) for max. 30 min.

For further information about the application of this valve type please refer to the tab Aseptomag® valve line.

Aseptomag® valve line

Aseptomag® Valve Technology
Double-chamber valve Aseptomag® DK – valve matrix

Double-chamber valve Aseptomag® DK – valve matrix

The Leakage Valves LV and LVBS are based on the Aseptomag® valve line design philosophy and meet the highest demands of sensitive process areas mainly in the food, dairy and beverage industry.

Aseptic bellows valves distinguish themselves with the uncompromisingly hermetic seal of the valve stem, thereby minimizing contamination risks and maximizing detection possibilities. The Aseptomag® valve line is the equivalent for sensitive process areas to the hygienic VARIVENT® valve line and provides everything from shut-off and bottom-seat to mixproof and sampling valves. The valves meet the highest hygienic standards and consider design guidelines such as EHEDG and 3-A standards. Thanks to the modular structure, the Aseptomag® valve line also allows tailor-made valve solutions for specific process requirements (higher closing pressures, special materials, special design, etc). Aseptomag® valves can be equipped with T.VIS® control tops and can therewith seamlessly be integrated into an automated process plant.

UltraClean Applications

Unlike the other valves in the Aseptomag® series, the main focus of the Leakage Valve LV and LVBS is not on purely aseptic but UltraClean applications. The most relevant product parameter for UltraClean applications is shelf-life. It is mostly determined by the pH-value and the aw-value of the product. In addition, sensory properties need to be considered as well as the logistical chain of distribution. One of the advantages of UltraClean processing is the reduced quantity of preservatives needed for maintaining the shelf-life of the product.

Application examples
  • Dairy industry – Milk-based and lactic acid-fermented products (e.g. ESL milk, dessert products, crystallizing products such as lactose)
  • Beverage industry – Water-, fruit and plant-based beverages (e.g. soft drinks, fruit juice, soy milk)
  • Food industry – Sauces and delicacies
  • Brewery industry – Beer and mixed beer beverages (e.g. pure yeast cultivation)
Aseptomag® LV / LVBS at a glance
  • Hermetic sealing by stainless steel bellow
  • Uncompromising detection possibilities
  • Easy and safe maintenance
  • Ideal fit for UltraClean mixproof applications
Aseptomag® valve types and sizes
Valve typeMetricInch OD
Shut-off Valves Aseptomag® AVDN 15 – DN 1500.75” – 6”
Shut-off Valves Aseptomag® AVBSDN 15 – DN 1500.75” – 6”
Divert Valves Aseptomag® UVDN 15 – DN 1000.75” – 4”
Shut-off Valves Aseptomag® AFDN 25 – DN 1001” – 4”
Control Valves Aseptomag® RVDN 15 – DN 1000.75” – 4”
Control Valves Aseptomag® RVINDN 25 – DN 651“ – 2.5“
Back-pressure Valves Aseptomag® GDDN 15 – DN 1500.75” – 6”
Shut-off Valves Aseptomag® AMVDN 06 – DN 100.25” – 0.5”
Leakage Valves Aseptomag® LVDN 25 – DN 1001“ – 4“
Leakage Valves Aseptomag® LVBSDN 25 – DN 1001“ – 4“
Leakage Valves Aseptomag® ADVDN 25 – DN 1001” – 4”
Double-chamber Valves Aseptomag® DKDN 25 – DN 1501” – 6”
Double-chamber Valves Aseptomag® DKBSDN 25 – DN 1501” – 6”
Double-chamber Valves Aseptomag® DDKDN 25 – DN 1501” – 6”
Double-chamber Valves Aseptomag® AXVDN 25 – DN 1501” – 6”
Sampling Valves Aseptomag® PVDN 10 – DN 150.5” – 0.75”
Steam inlet valves Aseptomag® DEDN 25 – DN 401” – 1.5”
* Additional valve sizes and connection standards (i.e. ISO) available upon request

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