Hygienic Valves

Steam Inlet Valve DE

Hygienic steam inlet valves are used for the monitored supply of steam in containers or tanks.

The valve seat is closed by a pressure spring and opens as soon as the steam pressure exceeds the spring force. The optional pneumatic actuator is used to increase the closing force and to open the valve without the application of steam.

Main components

Welded flange

For both the mechanical and pneumatic versions, the welded flange is identical and fixed to the valve using four screws.

Internal Assembly

The contact force of the valve seat seal is adjusted using an adjusting nut in the case of valve type DE. In the case of valve type DE PA, adjustment takes place using compressed air in the actuator. All internal assemblies are equipped with a Tefasep® seal by default.


Steam inlet valves DE do not have an actuator. Valve type DE PA, on the other hand, is equipped with an air-closing / air-opening pneumatic actuator (LL).


Due to its solid construction, the GEA Aseptomag clamp enables a pressure stable and safe connection of the main components. The special design with three segments allows a service-friendly handling of the component, even under tight space conditions.

Feedback units

Steam inlet valves type DE PA (with pneumatic actuator) can be either equipped with feedback units or T.VIS® feedback systems by default. Feedback units from third party suppliers can be mounted via specially designed adaptors. To find out more about feedback units, please click here.

Steam inlet valves type DE are directly welded between a tank and a pipe system and can therefore not be equipped with any feedback options.

Technical Data
Nominal pressure valve12 bar
Closing pressureapprox. 1.5 bar
Control air pressure6 bar
Internal Assembly

Stainless steel valve stem

Valve seat seal materialTefasep®
Surface quality in product areaRa ≤ 0.8
Material quality in product areaAISI 316L
Operating temperature-20...+160°C

food, dairy, beverage, biotech,
pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries

Higher closing pressures, other materials, higher surface qualities and higher operating temperatures are available upon request. 

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