Auger Samplers

GEA Powder Sampler (PAS)

GEA powder samplers have been designed to complement the powder filling systems we supply. Our auger sampler can take representative powder samples at the point where the powder enters the bag even when packing in inert atmosphere conditions.

GEA Avapac PAS Sampler

Auger Powder Sampler

The powder sampling system is a fully integrated solution which is controlled via the bag filler operator control system. User inputs for sample time and frequency allow the operator to set up the sampler to take composite or spot samples to suit the quality control procedures of the plant. The sampler can be configured to operate in free-flowing or in embedded powder streams thereby allowing flexibility in location.

Twin Diverter

GEA Avapac Twin Divert

Twin Diverter

A twin diverter system enables the sampling system to automatically switch between a full and an empty bag — or to switch between two different sample types if required. A simple locking collar provides a safe and convenient method to attach polyethylene sample bags. Optionally, a screw-type adaptor socket can be provided to enable sample bottles or jars to be used.

Multi-Station Diverter

GEA Avapac 6 Way Diverter Station

Six Station Carousel

A six head diverter system enables the sampling system to automatically switch between a full and an empty bag — or to switch between any of the six sampling positions if required. The multi-station diverter can be used to reduce the frequency of operator intervention and thereby increase the time available to the operator to perform other tasks. Alternatively, the multi-station diverter can be used to increase the number of samples as required by the quality control procedures. If required, manual intervention is also possible via the operator control panel.

Key features include:

  • manual change of collection container
  • holders for bags or jars
  • manual or automatic control system
  • stainless steel AISI 30 construction.

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