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GEA Scan-Vibro Feeder

GEA Scan-Vibro feeders have a wide range of applications especially in the food, feed, chemical-technical and pharmaceutical industries.



Vibrating feeders from GEA are constructed in a rectangular or tube-shaped format and can be custom-designed for specific projects and applications.  They dose, align or feed powders, granules or pellets for a wide range of operations, including flow-extraction, regulation and feeding. 

Balancing the oscillation, vibration frequency and stroke length makes GEA feeders extremely gentle and so ideal for handling fragile or friable products.

Vibration feeder


  • Custom designed and tailored to the specific needs of your project
  • Optional hygienic finish that is USDA-3A and EHEDG compliant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Designed for continuous operation: no regular inspection or lubrication required                         
  • Available with weighing cells for Loss-in-Weight operations

New GEA Dosing solution for 0,5-500 kg/hr dosing


GEA Scan-Vibro Loss-In-Weight (LIW) dosing system FES doses additives and ingredients in the food, dairy, chemical and other industries. The LIW dosing system, the entire feeder, hopper, and material, are weighed continuously using high precision load cells. These provide a flow of information about discharge flow to the feeder controller through an HMI control panel. The system can be operated stand-alone or be controlled via Ethernet IP from a central process line control system SCADA.  

The GEA LIW system can be supplied with a bag empty station or be integrated in process lines. The LIW units are designed for batch and continuous operation. They are tailor-made to meet customers´ specific requirements and are available in different automation levels. The feeder part can be supplied with an open or closed conveyor.

The GEA LIW system is easy to operate, reliable, requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.  Systems can be supplied in 'high-sanitary’ specification if required.  

Key Features (with additional features and options as required):

  • Loss In weight dosing application from 0,5 kg/hr. (500 g/hr.) to 500 kg/hr.
  • Designed for high sanitary applications and industrial applications.
  • Compatible communication with wide a range of PLC systems.
  • Compliance with USDA 3A, EHEDG or NZFSA on request 
  • Robust, low maintenance, designed for batch and continuous operation.
  • Easy to clean. 

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