Vibratory conveying equipment

GEA Scan-Vibro Spiral Elevator

GEA Scan-Vibro Spiral Elevator is designed for use in numerous areas of the food, feed, chemical-technical and pharmaceutical industries.


The principle of spiral conveying is the same as for the horizontal vibrating conveyors, however the product is conveyed in a path that is spirally coiled around a vertical center tube. The spiral elevator is suitable to a wide range of operations. Among these are products with dry, wet, warm, greasy and frozen characteristics. The spiral elevator is also able to convey with simultaneous cooling, heating, spreading or unification system. 

The spiral elevator is robust, maintenance-free (no lubrication or regular inspection necessary) and is developed to meet the present environmental requirements, as for example reduction of noise, dust and odors.

Due to the special combination of oscillation and frequency of vibration as well as stroke length, the spiral elevator is extremely gentle in the handling of the products.


  • Spiral diameter from 750 to 1500 mm
  • Lifting height from 500 to 7000 mm
  • Gentle and effective vertical transport - upward or downward
  • High-sanitary and easy-to-clean design - standard or tailor-made to suit your job
  • Spiral manufactured in stainless steel, AISI 304 or 316
  • Cooling or heating system on request
  • Dust covering on request
  • Motors positioned either at the top or at the bottom
  • Support column can be integrated - no need for any framework
  • Designed for continuous operation - no regular inspection or lubrication is necessary = negligible maintenance.

GEA Scan-Vibro Spiral Elevators installed at Amica Chips plant in Italy

GEA Scan-Vibro Spiral Elevator installed at French fry production facility

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