Snap Chilling

Whether it is a standard solution for storage of milk or an integrated solution which takes in smart controls, snap chilling, energy saving and heat recovery, GEA has a solution to meet your cooling needs.

Why Snap Chill?

Milk starts to deteriorate the moment it is harvested from the cow. Naturally occurring bacteria in the milk starts multiplying straight away and only temperature can slow the process down to preserve milk quality. Needless to say then, snap chilling milk has a number of fundamental benefits for both the milk producer and the processor.

All of the below issues can be greatly improved by snap chilling and high grade heat recovery for maximum plant hygiene.

  • Milk Quality Compliance (The Regulatory Issues)
  • Bactoscan (bacteria count, milk chilling related)
  • Thermoduric (heat resistant bacteria)
  • Coliforms (wet weather / manure bacteria)


How can we help you?


aquaCHILL is designed to help any farmer to meet cooling standards, ideal for a retrofit situation or a new install. aquaCHILL is a booster for your cooling system.

The advantages of aquaCHILL

  • Highly efficient with a COP 3.4 compared to DX with a COP 1.8
  • Separate from Vat Chilling to spread risk in case of failure
  • Can produce hot water up to 350L/hr at 60°C
  • Easily to operate and diagnose with CONNECT2 control system



How can we help you?


aquaTESS thermal energy storage system may be configured with many different options and sizes to meet any farm requirement, from direct online chilling to thermal storage utilising off peak power for maximum chilling efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Snap chills milk to 5°C or less
  • Delivers free hot water at 60°C at 150 - 350 litres per hour depending on model
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of at least 3:1 during operating periods where outlet temperature is over 1ºC.



How can we help you?


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