Long-cut pasta - Single tier production line

The Single tier production line features all the latest technological solutions, such as TAS and Vacuum techonolgy.

Production line characterised by a single-tier dryer, expressing full potential of TAS technology. After extrusion, pasta is pre-dried and then sent to the dryer. Following successive accelerated drying and stabilisation stages in the dryer, the product then arrives at the cooler with the correct humidity percentage and excellent organoleptic properties.

Dosage and Press

Stainless-steel tank with dough level sensor. The process takes place under vacuum at low temperature. Thanks to the slow rotation of the mixing paddles, the gluten matrix is not subjected to mechanical stress and the product maintains excellent elasticity.


Single or multiple spreader with sticks 1500, 2000 or 2500mm of length. All versions include a device that captures the scraps and reintroduces them into the mixing tank.


The pre-dryer eliminates the water from the outermost layer of pasta and prepares the product for the subsequent drying stage.

TAS HP dryer

Each section of this machine is equipped with ventilation units, heat exchangers and air extraction stations in order to ensure accurate temperature and humidity control at every point in the dryer.


It lowers the temperature of pasta before the packaging stage. It can be accessed from both sides to facilitate maintenance operations.

Stripper saw unit

This device removes pasta from the sticks and cuts it to the desired length.

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