Nest-shaped pasta - Cups & Belts production line

This mixed system features a pre drying stage in which the just extruded nests are placed in cups where they remain until they exit the pre-dryer. They are then deposited onto belts that transport them through the entire drying process. Both cups and belts are made of stainless steel with a mesh bottom that ensures breathability for improved drying.

Dosage and Press

Low-shear stainless steel compression screw. The variable pitch and broad diameter of the screw, combined with an ideal rotation speed, allow for gradual compression and a more homogeneous dough.

Nest forming machine

Laminating roller unit positioned under the extrusion head; removable for the production of directly extruded products. Nest making device with 12 or 24 tubes installed directly under the press die. With conveyor tubes in transparent food grade material for checking the length of the pasta strips.

Lower pre-dryer

The nests sent to the pre-dryer in cups are subjected to strong ventilation to achieve the ideal shape and prevent sticking.

Upper pre-dryer and TAS dryer

This machine is comprised of two sections. During the first stage the nests are pre-dried still in their cups until they reach a suitable rigidity. During the second stage the nests enter the main dryer on a conveyor belt.


This area acts as a buffer with loading and unloading stages regulated by automatic sequences based on presets that can be programmed by the operator to adapt to different packaging requirements or to manage the production of different types of nests.

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