Milking Parlor Auto Tandem

Individualized, gentle milking with higher throughput: With the AutoTandem milking parlor, GEA meets the highest requirements of both cow comfort and efficiency.

Every cow is different. The most animal-friendly way to milk them is to always take an individualized approach. So GEA has developed the AutoTandem milking parlor, a solution which combines a stress-free milking process with a high degree of automation. You can use it to milk small herds in individual boxes – fully automatically and much more efficiently than in group milking parlors.

For individualized milking: the AutoTandem milking parlor from GEA

The AutoTandem milking parlor is completely different from other milking parlors. Its range of benefits are particularly suitable for small herds:

  • Individual boxes give you an ideal view of the cow and makes the process stress-free.
  • Each cow is milked individually and on its own – this increases throughput by up to 30 % per milking stall.
  • The MultiLine control panel produces minimum noise emissions and protects the sensitive milking parlor components.
  • The cow boxes can be arranged flexibly – suitable for all buildings.
  • You can choose from a range of modern milking parlor components: Milking control units, milking arms and pulsators

Individualized milking: good milk quality and higher throughput per milking stall

The AutoTandem milking parlor from GEA focuses on an innovative concept: animal-friendly and individualized milking with a high degree of automation. This is possible due to the unique design of the milking parlor.

  • It consists of multiple boxes with sufficient space to keep even the largest animals comfortable.
  • The boxes are mounted parallel to the milking pit, giving you a clear view of the animal.
  • This also make it easier to attach the milking clusters.
  • Each of the boxes works independently of the others.

This means that each of your cows is milked individually. The AutoTandem is therefore suitable for cows that take longer to milk. The key feature: Despite this individualized milking process, the throughput per milking stall can be increased by up to 30 %. Individualized milking also increases the quality of the milk as there is no group pressure and the animals can be milked calmly.

Flexible layout for your milking parlor

The AutoTandem milking parlor can be installed in your dairy regardless of the amount of space available. You can arrange the milking boxes however you like. You could create an L or U-shaped milking parlor, or a single-sided milking parlor with the milking pit on either the left or the right. This substantially reduces your investment costs as you no longer need to make structural changes. GEA is more than happy to help you design the right layout for your situation.

The latest technology for your milking parlor: Milking control devices, herd management and pulsators

As an agricultural systems provider, GEA can provide you with a range of innovative solutions for your dairy. Your AutoTandem milking parlor can be fitted with a variety of milking parlor components. All of the products integrate seamlessly into the milking parlor. We particularly recommend the DeMax and MetaTron milking control devices for the AutoTandem milking parlor, which send important data directly into the herd management software. This is the first step towards the future of precision livestock farming. The StimuPuls Apex pulsator helps to ensure that the cows are milked as gently as possible. It enables the udder to be completely and gently stripped and can also be combined with the PosiLactor or PosiCare milking arms to further relieve the strain on the udder.

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