ProManure E2950 Manure Enricher

E2950 Manure Enricher

GEA ProManure E2950 Manure Enricher - Produce your own fertilizer while reducing emissions. GEA presents a revolutionary environmentally friendly manure processing solution.

The world needs to produce more food and reduce emissions. Farmers need solutions that improve their production and environmental footprint, combining environmental sustainability with financial sustainability.

Liquid manure – known as slurry – can greatly contribute to a more sustainable farming, but how? Livestock slurry is a natural fertilizer providing nutrients for plants and organic matter which improve soil health and enable better growth. However, the nitrogen content is too low for the optimum fertilisation of most crops, and the loss of nitrogen can be significant. This increases the need for chemical fertilizers, and the lost nitrogen also ends up as pollution in the form of ammonia. Manure management is also one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, particularly in the form of methane.

Produce your own fertilizer while reducing emissions

GEA’s ProManure E2950 manure enricher enables local production of fertilizer using only livestock slurry, air and electricity, – dramatically reducing harmful emissions and improving yield at the same time.

The manure enricher unit is a revolutionary piece of technology that is installed locally on a farm or biogas plant, to turn liquid manure or biogas digestate into sustainable fertilizer using just air and electricity. It is a container-based solution and is easily implemented into the infrastructure. Liquid manure is treated continuously prior to storage for application at the right time.

Produce your own fertilizer while reducing emissions

This technology adds nitrogen from the air into slurry, which increases the nitrogen content. The process prevents the loss of ammonia and eliminates methane emissions, making it a real solution helping to achieve climate target commitments on an industrial scale.

The end-product is a nitrogen enriched organic fertilizer, which we call NEO. It has the same characteristics as normal slurry but contains more nitrogen and releases significantly less emissions. It can still be spread using existing farm equipment, enabling farmers to improve their own food production, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, and make farming more circular.

ProManure E2950 manure enricher - NEO


  • Eliminates methane emissions from manure storage
  • Reduces ammonia loss and smell from manure management
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Can reduce global GHG emissions from agriculture by up to 27% at source, on farm*
  • Reducing air pollution from dairy farms by up to 50%*
  • Improves crop yield by an average of up to 40% compared to untreated livestock slurry*

* The percentages may change slightly based on farm conditions.

Eric Soubeiran from Unilever and Peter Lauwers from GEA at Unilever’s headquarter in London

GEA partners with Unilever to improve sustainability on dairy farms

GEA and Unilever are joining forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in dairy farming by installing GEA’s new manure enricher solution ProManure E2950. During the initial phase of the partnership, GEA will install four units on Dutch farms that supply milk to Unilever. Over a one-year period, the data of these systems will be analyzed to measure their impact on Unilever’s carbon footprint. Thus, Unilever and GEA will assess and scale up the potential of the system to significantly reduce GHG emissions throughout the milk production process, improving Unilever's sustainability along its value chain.
Produce more food with less emissions – how air and electricity can help

Produce more food with less emissions – how air and electricity can help

The world needs to produce more food, but it also needs to reduce emissions. Farmers need solutions that improve their production and environmental footprint, while at the same time being economical. Milk processors and food industry need new ways to reduce the footprint of their supply chain to meet their net zero goals.

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