Manure Scrapers

Better hygiene and reduction of the claw Problems with our range of manure scrapers.

Dairy Farming Barn Cleaning

Clean and dry slats contribute to a better hygiene and reduction of the claw problems. It is hard to imagine that many dairy farms wouldn't have a slat scraper. Removing the manure from the slats has become more difficult, because the manure is much drier due to change of feed and well-ventilated Barns.We offer a broad range of manure scrapers.

Superclean Slat Scraper

  • Intense cleaning of the slats and the sides of the cubicles
  • The synthetic profiles in the scraper are flexible and extremely wear-resistant
  • Height and width of the synthetic profiles are adjustable, which guarantees an optimal adaptation to the floor.
  • Cleaning from corner wheel to corner wheel, low model without sharp parts
  • Hot-dip galvanized and low in maintenance.

Alley Scraper Magnum 4400

  • High capacity: Cleans 1000 Alleys (Center Dump) with 3/8" cable
  • Industrial duty gear box:  Largest, most rugged gear box in the industry.
  • Chains: Number 80 drive chain. Number 40 timing chain is uniquely mounted outside the frame and does not travel through any manure.
  • Blades immediately tip up on reverse stroke minimizing dragging of manure and increasing blade life
  • Pre-wired controller: Speeds installation time. 24 hour timer allows for customized cleaning schedule. Solid state PLC constantly* monitors cable tension and shuts off unit when strain exceeds safety limits. 
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