Free Stall Alley Cleaner with Chain

System designed to clean small to medium size barns

The resistance of the chain makes these free stall alley systems a solid value.

7/8” (22 mm) and Pintle chains Systems

Field proven free stall cleaner systems using the 7/8″ (22 mm) or the pintle chains.

1/2” (13 mm) chain System

This system distinguishes itself with its compact vertical chain drive unit and the high quality fabrication of the 13 mm chain.
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7/8” (22 mm) and Pintle chains Systems

7/8” (22 mm) and Pintle chains Systems
Free Stall Cleaner with Chain
A free stall cleaner system with chain can be used to clean two or four alleys. It consists of a drive unit equipped with a sprocket that drives the chain. One scraper in each alley is connected to the chain and moves in the same time to bring the manure from one end to the other. The 16°, the V-Shape and the Straight scrapers are all available with the chain system.
7/8″ (22 mm) Chain
Each weld on the 7/8" (22 mm) chain is done by a welding robot. This robotic system increases manufacturing speed, but above all, it produces exceptional quality chain on a constant basis.
Pintle Chain
The pintle chain requires a smaller groove and has a flatter surface which is good for the cow’s well-being.
Corner Wheels
The corner wheels and chain can be installed either in a groove or mounted on the floor. The groove for the chain ensures the scraper remains centered in the alley and keeps the chain hidden in the floor. Both 7/8" (22 mm) and Pintle chain wheels can be mounted either with Oilite bushing or tapered roller bearings with seals.
H-86 Reversible Drive Unit
  • Long lasting drive sprocket – This sprocket is designed to accept the stretch of the chain, which is minimal and to last the whole life time of the chain.
  • Well thought out equipment – The H-86 Reversible Drive Unit has a safety clutch that protects the mechanical components from excessive load if the scraper encounters obstacles.
  • Minimum maintenance – The maintenance on the H-86 Reversible Drive Unit is limited to greasing through easy to reach grease points and to lubricate some other parts once in a while. The chain tightening is easily accomplished by means of the quick tensioner located at the back of the drive unit.
  • Safe for your herd – The 4th Reduction on the H-86 Reversible Drive Unit allows for reducing the speed of the scrapers and make them move at an efficient cleaning speed while being safe for the cows.
  • Maximum length of chain – 750 feet for two alleys and 600 feet for a barn having four alleys.
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1/2” (13 mm) chain

1/2” (13 mm) chain
Free Stall Cleaner with Chain
Free stall cleaner system with 1/2” (13 mm) chain is designed to operate effectively in small to medium size dairy farms. This system distinguishes itself with its compact vertical chain drive unit and the high quality fabrication of the ½" (13 mm) chain.
½″ (13 mm) Chain

Two type of ½" (13 mm) chain available:
Classic Chain Grade 100: 36 to 46 Rockwell C – Good hardness, and good resistance to wear.
HD-Pro Chain Grade Ultra: 55 to 60 Rockwell C – Exceptional hardness that contributes to limit wear to minimum.

  • Lightness of the chain – eases installation. 
  • Smaller chain link – fits in a 2" X 2" (51 m m X 51 mm) groove.
Vertical Chain Drive Unit
Free Stall Cleaner with Chain
  • Compact design – offering greater flexibility of installation.
  • Higher corrosion resistance – thanks to its galvanized steel construction.
  • Low energy consumption – the vertical drive unit is operated by a 1 HP motor.
  • Versatile system – this chain system can be installed with or without groove. A system configuration combining the ½" (13 mm) chain with steel cable or Dyneema® rope is available. This allows the total length of the stroke to be extended.
  • Adaptable system – able to operate two alleys of different lengths.
  • IVRpro control panel – to program start times while enjoying the benefits of improved load sensing technology exclusive to GEA. The IVRpro control panel is also offered with the Max@ccess option.
  • Offered with the V-Shape and 16º scrapers.
Drive Unit Configurations
The vertical chain drive unit is available in various configurations to ease barn layout. It can be installed with the wheels in line, at 90° or at 180°. The 90° corner installation requires three corner wheels instead of four.
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