Free Stall Alley Cleaner with Cable

Free stall cleaner system designed for long barns requiring frequent cleanings.

SW Series Cable Drive Unit

The new SW Series cable drive unit has been designed to make your life easier – more freedom in installation location, effective operation and minimal maintenance. This unique design allows lateral movement of the drive as the cable is being wrapped around the rotating drum. The coiling is made without stress and without excessive friction – which is usually the cause of premature wear of the equipment and cable.

  • Lateral movement of the drive unit – is done by means of an angled rolling mechanism designed with extremely durable components. This movement allows the cable to remain well aligned. There is no side pressure as associated with the cable guides on traditional drive units, therefore minimizing cable wear and stress on the drive unit.
  • Easy access for maintenance and lubrication – with the timing chain located outside the main frame.
  • New external cable tie downs – located outside of the drum, they are more accessible and the cable is easily secured using two bolts.
  • Drum drive shaft mounted on high quality roller bearings – for long lasting durability and smooth operation.
  • More freedom in installation location – since the corner wheels can be installed very close to the drive unit without overlapping its footprint.
  • Easy to handle safety shield – made of light and durable plastic.
  • Opened and raised drive unit bottom – to ease cleaning and basic maintenance underneath the drive unit.
  • Double motor option | HD – on SW-300 and SW-450 models. Standard on the SW-650.

Steel Cable or Dyneema® Rope

Choice between two types of steel cable: galvanized (cheaper) or stainless (better corrosion resistance) steel cable of 3/8” (9.5 mm) or ½” (13 mm) diameter. Strong and durable, it is perfectly suited to very long manure alleys.

The Dyneema® rope of 7/16” (11 mm) is flexible, very light, and easy to install. It is perfectly suited to manure alleys less than 300 feet (91 m) in length. The Dyneema® ropes designed only for grooved alley and must be kept away from frost and sand.

Corner Wheels

Two sizes of 90° corner wheels are available: 16” (41 cm) and 21” (53 cm). A kit to convert a 90° corner wheel into 180° is available. They all come with tapered roller bearings for better resistance and longer life span.
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