Milk Cooling Vat PCool

Efficiently cool milk: The PCool milk cooling vat helps you to keep your milk at top quality, is easy to clean and particularly energy-efficient and especially suited to smaller dairy farms.

Milk Cooling Vat PCool

GEA also presents the perfect cooling solution for small dairy farms or low milk quantities: the PCool milk cooling vat. The PCool series contains milk cooling vats with capacities ranging from 320 litres up to 1950 litres, suitable for every farm, as well as for individual milk production. Storing and cooling milk – almost as important as the cow itself.

The key characteristics of PCool at a glance:

  • Ideally suited for small dairy farms or for low milk quantities
  • Cooling milk: variable volumes from 320 up to 1950 litres
  • Six different sizes to choose from

Cooling milk with the milk cooling vat: The most important advantages

In general, the PCool milk cooling vat is very easy to use. The milk is cooled in line with the EU standard 13732 in terms of the cooling power, agitator, design and storage. The cooling power is of outstanding importance when storing milk. We guarantee an ideal heat transfer and a high cooling capacity by using a high-quality stainless steel evaporator. As GEA produces exclusively to the highest quality standards, the components undergo increased pressure and leakage testing. This provides you with consistent cooling performance, which is crucial for the milk production. The excellent oil return in the vaporizer enables efficient lubrication of the compressor to ensure both a long service life and highly reliable milk storage.

Highly effective milk storage with the PCool milk cooling vat

Insulation is crucial for temperature control. The PCool milk cooling vat is lined with polyurethane foam, with an impressively high density and is also CFC-free. So that you can save energy and also prevent an increase in temperature between the cows' milking sessions. Most important of all: The quality of the milk remains in a fully preserved state – even in the event of a power failure the milk remains at the temperature reached.

Efficient and standardised: cool milk in the cooling vat

The milk reaches the required storage temperature very quickly. The vats are delivered as standard with cooling units (refrigerant R404A) and are all checked for their quality and functionality. These high-performance units (in accordance with standard EN 13732) increase the cooling power and also save electricity. Depending on the requirements of your farm, you can chose from a range of standardised performance classes from 2 milking (BII) to 4 milking (BII). Storing and cooling milk – thanks to its durable design the milk cooling vat is one of the most important assistants in milk production.

Storing and cooling milk: It really is that simple

With an extra sturdy galvanized frame and an unrestricted adjustment of the legs the cooling of milk is now even easier. This applies both to the cleaning process and filling. The large cover opening (175 mm diameter) allows you free access to the inside of the vat.

For optimum comfort: the electronic control unit

You benefit from the automatic control of the cooling process by a thermostat using the A4 electronic control unit. Thanks to an easily visible digital display you can keep an eye on all the important data. The mixing times can be programmed individually and allow a uniform fat distribution. This prevents cream formation in the milk.
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