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FutureCow Prep System

The FutureCow Prep System from GEA accomplishes multiple pre-milking procedures in one easy step. The system features a mechanical brush unit that gently washes, disinfects, stimulates and dries all in one visit to the cow.

Milking is made easy with the FutureCow Prep System

Streamlined and consistent cow prep — allows for a more efficient parlor and greater parlor labor productivity — even increasing the number of cows milked per hour. Consistent prep procedures optimize the milking process and oftentimes aid in increasing production and improving milk quality.
Superior udder stimulation — can increase milk flow rates and decrease milking times, further improving parlor throughput. Faster milking times also benefits teat condition.
Improved teat health and milk quality — the durable, yet soft, multi-layered brushes accommodate all teat lengths and ensure teat-ends are properly cleaned before the milking unit is applied.
Fixed cost for pre-milking prep — flat rate per cow pricing provides consistent and easily managed cost. (U.S. ONLY)
A system for all herd sizes — whether you milk 50, 500, or 5,000 cows or more, there is a FutureCow Prep System to accommodate any herd size.
Installed and supported by GEA dealers — a professional network with unsurpassed dairy equipment experience available 24/7.

How the Brush Unit Works

  • The brush units are mounted to a cable (or drag line) in the parlor, allowing the unit to move from cow to cow. The operator pulls a trigger to start the rotating brushes and dispense solution. The operator cleans each teat then releases the trigger, to stop the flow of solution.
  • The brushes continue rotating to wick moisture away from the teats. The operator then moves to the next cow and repeats the process. Your GEA dealer will discuss your parlor efficiency goals and customize the brush timing accordingly. 
  • The brush unit is connected to the control in the chemical room which delivers power and solution to the brush unit. Motor sensors protect the system from unexpected challenges, such as tails getting caught in the brushes.

FutureCow Prep System benefits cows, employees and the dairy’s bottom line.

Benefits for your cows

  • Improves teat-end health
  • Results in cleaner, healthier teats less prone to mastitis
  • Maximizes udder stimulation; improves milk flow rates

Benefits for employees

  • Easier on hands and back
  • Reduces footsteps in herringbone and parallel parlors
  • Eases training for new milking operators and builds confidence in performance of existing employees
  • Reduces labor needed for cow prep and simplifies premilking procedures into one, easy step

Benefits to the dairy’s bottom line

  • Direct drive brush unit requires less maintenance
  • Decreases milking times; increases the number of cows milked per hour
  • Does away with the cost for towels, towel service, and laundry while also eliminating the need for maintaining laundry equipment
  • Improves milk quality, often times reducing somatic cell counts
  • Patented process with specialized chlorine dioxide solution thoroughly cleans each teat, reducing iodine usage (U.S. ONLY)
  • Backed by GEA dealerships offering industry-leading equipment expertise and customer service to support your purchase

FutureCow Teat Prep System - New features

Futurecow Teat Prep System Scrubber New Features


These customers benefit from making FutureCow part of their prep routine!

Ron Gibson,Gibson’s Green Acres
The FutureCow Prep System from GEA is doing exactly what Ron Gibson of Gibson’s Green Acres wanted when he was searching for ways to improve milking consistency and udder prep on his Utah dairy. “With FutureCow every cow is prepped the same every time she comes in the barn,” says Gibson, owner of this 1,250-cow herd. Plus, Gibson
adds, “We are able to milk more cows in our existing parlor because it has made us more efficient.”

Matt Berge,Badger Pride
Matt Berge chose the FutureCow Prep System from GEA to improve teat health and cleanliness and improve consistency with milking prep procedures. “FutureCow has allowed us to achieve good teat end condition and consistent milk prep, regardless of who is doing the milking,” says Berge of Badger Pride, a 770-cow dairy milking three times daily in a double eight parlor in Valders, Wis. “With FutureCow,
we have consistently improved udder prep throughout every shift, every cow and every milker.”

Joe Thome,Redtail Ridge Dairy
Joe Thome has seen great gains in labor efficiency since he switched to using the FutureCow Prep System from GEA at Redtail Ridge Dairy near Malone, Wis. “It freed up one person in the parlor,” says Thome, who milks 1,200 cows and maintains a somatic cell count of 90,000. “We even added 150 cows, and milking isn’t taking any longer. FutureCow is definitely more efficient than using towels.”

Braden Munk,Munk Family Farms
The FutureCow Prep System from GEA has improved milking prep consistency on Munk Family Farms, an 800-cow herd in Amalga, Utah. Herd manager Braden Munk says this consistency has led to fewer cases of mastitis and a lower somatic cell count. “FutureCow is more consistent from employee to employee, shift to shift and cow to cow compared to dipping and wiping teats,” Munk explains.
“FutureCow takes the human deviation out of it.”

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