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GEA FarmView

In real time, online and thanks to the app, on the go: With GEA FarmView, you can analyze the current performance of your automated milking system – as an innovative addition to your herd management system.

Attend automated milking virtually

Follow the milking process, anytime and from anywhere: Important parameters and the system status can be viewed directly on your smartphone via the app.

Follow, analyze and optimize processes in real time

GEA FarmView allows you to monitor and optimize your system’s equipment at all times. Key figures such as average milk yield, milk flow or workload of milking boxes give you information on the performance of your GEA DairyRobot R9500 or DairyProQ.

A wide variety of parameters are available for the evaluation of your system. This means you can analyze individual processes, and in case of deviations actively take targeted measures to optimize performance.

Always informed when action is required

GEA FarmView sends system notifications directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC. With the help of your personal notification profile, you determine which alerts you receive. A well-structured list with filtering functions also allows you to analyze errors and most importantly, optimize processes accordingly.

Manage on the go with the app

The app puts useful functions right at your fingertips. Let’s say you forget to turn off the manual or automated milking mode; you can easily take care of the problem with your smartphone on the go. And what’s more, FarmView also supports herd management: Take required action outside the milking box, for example, with the list of cows overdue for milking.

With GEA’s herd management: intelligent analysis, profitable choices:

GEA Herd Management

Simple to use, with consistantly updated functions: Herd management tools by GEA connect with the most modern sensor technologies and through intelligent functions make them accessible for milk farmers. Discover ways of managing cows and dairy farms efficiently!

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