GEA CowScout

Heat Detection, Health Monitoring and Cow Positioning

CowScout reliably tells you when your cows are ready for insemination. Convenient alert functions ensure that you never miss an activity report. A sensor monitors the cow‘s movement at all times. CowScout shows you any periods of high activity for each individual animal and, if you wish, even its live location. This gives you an excellent basis for quick reactions and successful fertility and health management!

Heat detection

CowScout works 24/7 to monitor cow activity by identifying neck movements, such as sniffing and chin resting that indicate if a cow is in heat. With this real-time data, cows in heat can be properly identified, allowing for improved insemination results, higher pregnancy rates, shorter calving intervals and reduced insemination costs – all with lower labor inputs.

GEA CowScout

Keeping feeding under control

Optimize both fertility management and feeding management for your herd: Besides heat detection, the CowScout neck tag detects specific movement patterns related to forage intake, recording the time individual cows spend eating. Changes in eating and rumination behavior as well as measurements of activity versus inactivity, may indicate potential health problems. The alert function tells you immediately if the cow is exhibiting feeding or health problems so that you can react quickly and appropriately. The best basis for a hearty appetite and long-term high performance!

GEA CowScout

Round the clock everything at a glance

GEA CowScout
  • Constant heat monitoring and display of the optimal insemination time
  • Notification of reduced eating and rumination times to enable early detection of health problems
  • Reliable animal identification in the milking parlour, selection system and feeding box with proven and reliable ISO technology or stand-alone system for flexible use independent of the ISO ID
  • Clear, easy to understand graphical displays of activities, eating times and lactation phases in the web portal
  • E-mail alerts for you and your staff or insemination technician
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere via PC, tablet or smartphone

CowScout with Positioning - Finally, the search is over!

GEA CowScout

Find the right cow at the touch of a button: CowScout keeps an eye on your entire barn in and knows 24/7 where your cows are. Whether using a PC, tablet or smartphone - CowScout transmits the exact position of single or multiple cows in real time!

CowScout finds the right one for you

Thanks to precise localization, each of your cows is just a click away. CowScout continuously detects the location of each cow in real time. Immediately, the cow’s position appears visually in your barn overview. Follow each cow live as it makes its way through the barn - you have the full overview on your screen. With just one click, you will see the animal numbers out of your attentions in the barn map. This way you can find the right cow at exactly the right time. Because after all, you don't want to lose any time when it comes to animal welfare and milk yield!

The cow‘s live location of at your fingertips:

  • Simplifies daily work and saves time: find one or multiple cows with just one click
  • Convenient and clearly arranged: display of cow position on the barn map including animal number
  • Flexible and mobile: access via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Fast and accurate: faster reaction when action is needed while reducing stress for the cows
  • User-friendly and easy to handle: employees, inseminators and veterinarians can use the system on their own
  • Fully integrated: practical functions in line with heat detection and health monitoring

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