Water Treatment Solutions

Water quality is an important factor to any farming business, it can affect many different aspects of your operation; milk quality, livestock health, production and your families health.

Introducing the new range of FIL Farm Chlor® products, an easy and affordable way to ensure that water reticulated to the entire farm or home is free of bacterial pathogens. Our range of products are simple to use and work hand in hand to ensure the best quality water for your farming operation.

Farm Chlor® Chlorinator

  • Easily installed into your main water line
  • Only one system required to treat the entire farm
  • Simple dial to adjust the required level of chlorine treating the water
  • High water pressure rating

Farm Chlor® Chlorine Rods & Tablets

  • High strength chlorine to treat farm water contaminated by bacterial pathogens.
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Only solid chlorine product approved by MPI for dairy shed use
  • Highly compacted for economical use
  • Approved for use in the Farm Chlor® Chlorinator

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