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DairyRotor - Internal Rotaries

Would you like to milk more cows in less time and save labor at the same time? GEA’s internal rotary milking parlor offers short distances for attaching and dipping, so that one person can easily milk 100 cows or more per hour. The cows stand at the flat angle familiar to you from herringbone parlors. You also combine the high throughput from the rotary milking parlor with a clear view of the cow and side access to the udder. Thanks to the coordinated entry and ergonomically formed sequence gates, the cows swiftly enter the spacious milking stall in a steady, organized flow. Leave the milking process, from complete stimulation to cluster removal, to GEA’s reliable and animal-friendly milking technology components.

The internal rotary milking parlor lets you milk with absolute efficiency and is popular as a rotary milking system for medium-sized herds. With suitable crowd and selection gates, this is an intelligent concept for the production of high-quality milk with family-run labor.


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