Specifically designed for goat milking

SR External – Small Ruminant External Rotary Parlour

An efficient and high throughput solution for large goat milking herds, the SR External rotary has been designed specifically for goats. The greatest advantage is allowing for an extra rotation for slower milking animals, offering a continuous milking process without disruptions.

Sheep and goat rotary milking parlour external

Automated feeding system that provides up to five rations with three feed types

With its sectional construction, the SR External rotary is quick and easy to install, plus its robust galvanised structure is long-lasting and comfortable for animals. 

This streamlined rotary helps increase throughput with stress-free animal handling, excellent flow on and off the platform and easy monitoring. The SR External is highly efficient at ensuring your milking routine is optimised and efficient. 

Various add-on options mean the SR External can be customised to ensure you achieve your farming goals - now and into the future. 

The goats enter the rotary through the guided entry box with a pneumatic door, ensuring constant animal flow and that each stall is filled. 

Each stall contains a stainless steel feed bin, which is automatically filled upon crossing into the bridge area. When the goat enters the stall and lowers its head to access the feed, the headlock system is activated, locking and holding the goat gently in place for the duration of milking. 

Once milking is complete, the headlock opens automatically before the exit. However, if the goat requires further milking or treatment, the operator can simply push a button on the control panel and the headlock will remain closed.

Key features and benefits:

SR External – Small Ruminant External Rotary Parlour

  • 32-120 clusters
  • Guided chute for entering the parlour 
  • Sectional construction for a quick and easy installation process 
  • Individual feed bins with animal retention with individual self-locking headlocks 
  • Camera and monitor situated at cups off for monitoring exiting animals 
  • Animals requiring a second rotation are easily held within their bail, passing the bridge with no interruptions
  • Reliable drive system 

AR External Rotary (goats only)

Number of Clusters32 - 120
No. of Operators1 - 2
Expected Milking Performance240 – 960 animals / hr
Typical Herd SizeMore than 400
AutomationPlant Automation
Farming OperationVaries

Milking Performance goats / hour

Rotation Times (Minutes)
No. Goats & Sheep Milked Per Hour
Size Of Rotary
(No. Of Clusters)

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