External Rotary Milking Parlor US-model DairyRotor T8800

A rotary parlor that pushes milking performance at every turn so that you can efficiently milk hundreds of cows per hour, 24/7!

The DairyRotor T8800 features a low-profile rotary stall engineered for fast, smooth cow flow on and off the platform. With our proven technology and experience, we can custom design and layout your milking facility to maximize your throughput and your investment.

Optimized design features

Low profile cabinet and smooth, rounded stall corners — the cow-friendly design allows the cows to load in a matter of seconds and also helps to expedite cow exit, maximizing throughput and productivity - along with cow comfort.

Smart construction — the new in-line design of the detacher cylinder housing makes for easy serviceability and less maintenance, benefiting your overall total cost of ownership.

75° or 90° stall angles — flexible to fit individual farm preference of manager and operator. Stalls are also positioned at a comfortable width to accommodate cows of varying sizes.

Surface sealed — the platform provides secure footing, and optional rubber mats are available for comfortable footing.

Optimized operator features

Unobstructed operator view — operators can work efficiently and comfortably with easy access to udders during cow prep, unit attachment and during any post-milking procedures.

PosiForm (drop) or PosiGuide (non-drop) hose support and detacher — choose the arm that fits your operation. Both are durably built for longevity. The arms properly leverage the unit during milking and remove the unit safely away from the cow’s legs upon detach.

PosiBall hose adjustment — unique, easy-to-use hose adjustment strap ensures proper unit alignment throughout the milking process.

EasyStart “button-free” attachment — pulsation and vacuum supply are automatically started, and the unit is put into “milk-mode” when the operator moves the arm slightly forward. There are no buttons to reach for or push, making for fast and easy unit attachment (only available with the PosiForm arm option).

With configurations up to 120 stalls, 75° angled or 90° non-angled stalls, and options for a drop-down or non-drop-down take-off arm, GEA can offer you a truly customized parlor with the DairyRotor T8800.

Revolutionary roller system for 24/7 operation

Industrial platform and roller system — keeps the platform on-center, which reduces friction on the rollers. Rollers last longer, improving stall performance. Stainless steel platform construction provides excellent longevity.

Sleek design — recessed parlor skirting meets a slim platform for a clean, functional look. Milking units won’t hit the parlor skirting upon detaching, protecting valuable milking equipment; and they also won’t interfere with operators.

Quiet operation — the undercarriage components run extremely quiet.

Greater serviceability — some components can be maintained while running, which means less downtime for regularly scheduled service.

Features and options designed for today’s commercial dairy operations

Per Place Identification (PPID) — antenna blocks at every stall are an option that allows you to secure data on the entire rotation of cows and improve overall data accuracy.

Easily integrated herd management software— the DairyRotor T8800 parlor works seamlessly with GEA herd management software to keep reliable herd and parlor data at your fingertips, 24/7.

Full line of detacher options — any parlor from the DairyRotor T8000 series can be matched with your choice of parlor automation packages — with or without milk yield indicators and milk metering to meet your management needs.

The smart, high-tech operator control – easy to use control with real time data allows operators to see all system processes and also includes seamless connection to the herd management platform.

Electric drive system — 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) motor provides a smooth start and is the most efficient option on the market. It’s a robust drive requiring very little maintenance. Unique vertical drive assembly limits rotary slippage, enhances drive wheel life and ensures easy access for service.

Subway system — provides greater access to critical components and a clean, dry working environment.

The T8800 platform and rollers carry a 5-year warranty (North America only).

Check out this feedback from a recently installed DairyRotor T8800!

Brian Gerrits, Spring Breeze Farms | 72-stall GEA DairyRotor T8800

Consistent and efficient

“The DairyRotor allows for consistent milking. You can almost set your watch to the timing of milking shifts getting done within minutes – that has a lot to say about the performance of this parlor. It drives our milking times to be extremely consistent, which drives consistency for everything else on the farm.”


“This is our first rotary parlor and third GEA parlor – the performance has been outstanding. It went beyond our expectations as far as animal loading and performance right out of the gate. The cows adapted from our old parlor to the DairyRotor extremely fast. We’re milking 457 cows per hour. The pounds of milk per cow didn’t skip a beat – we’re at 100 pounds per cow with a SCC of 70,000.”

Cow comfort

“The DairyRotor helps our cows feel comfortable when entering and exiting the stall. The low bales and wide stalls allow our cows to enter with ease. The DairyRotor has a very quiet operating system, keeping the cows calm and happy while they are milked.”

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