Side-by-Side Parlor Magnum 90i

The Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor is the ideal solution for smooth milking processes around the clock.

An overview of the benefits of the Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor:

  • Robust, low-maintenance construction for 24-hour operation
  • Individual indexing with flexible front arm
  • MultiLine operating panel for low noise emissions and to protect the electronics of the milking stalls
  • High throughput with front exit and intelligent design
  • Milking stalls can be opened individually and independently of one another as needed

For fast operation of the milking parlor: The Magnum 90i stands out from the crowd due to its robust construction and generously designed areas for both the animals and the milker

When creating the Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor, GEA focused on robust construction. The high-quality stainless steel gates are rustproof and very stable. To protect sensitive components such as milking control devices and hose lines, GEA uses stainless steel panels at the most important points. These are not just resistant to water and dirt, but are also easy to clean – an important feature for dairies producing milk 24 hours a day. The Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor has up to 2x80 milking stalls so that you can milk even large groups. This makes it the perfect solution for larger operations.

Convenient milking and increased efficiency

Despite its size, no compromises were made when it comes to convenience of the Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor. It has been designed to generate higher throughput and to simplify your working processes significantly. This starts when the cows are getting into position in the milking parlor:

  • A flexible front arm gently pushes the cow in the direction of the milking pit.
  • This means that they are always in the perfect position for you to attach the milking clusters.
  • The front arm also enables individual and automatic indexing.
  • The innovative MultiLine operating panel from GEA is used to mount the milking control devices at a comfortable working height.
  • Its stainless steel cladding lowers noise emissions and protects the sensitive components during intensive 24-hour operation.

Greater cow comfort with wide entrance and innovative front exit

The cows also benefit from the intelligent design of the Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor during milking: Its wide gangways get them to their milking stalls quickly and stress-free and make sure they are comfortable there straight away. The Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor is designed to be open towards the front, which also reduces the stress the cows experience. Once the milking process is complete, the animals are released through the front exit in a matter of seconds. This reduces stress and also increases throughput substantially. If needed, the front arms can also open individually to release particular animals.

Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor: the milking parlor that adjusts to your dairy

As a Total Solutions provider, GEA focuses on flexible solutions. The Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor is no exception. It can be expanded with additional modules at any time and grows with the requirements of your dairy. The various milking parlor components for the Magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor can be integrated seamlessly into the system as needed. So you can create a solution that always matches the needs of your operation.

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