Side-by-Side Parlor Magnum 90i Vertical Lift

The solution for large herds: With the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor, you can milk large groups of animals quickly and stress-free.

An overview of the benefits of the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor:

  • High throughput with Vertical-Lift and front exit
  • Suitable for various breeds and sizes
  • Specially designed for large herds and 24-hour operation
  • Cows can be positioned precisely and released individually
  • Available in various sizes with up to 2x60 milking stalls

Intelligent design for high throughput with large herds

The Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor has been specially developed to increase throughput. This starts when the cows enter the milking parlor:

  • It features particularly wide gangways to help the animals get to their milking stalls quickly and stress-free.
  • The unique design of the milking stalls gets the cows into position quickly.
  • Once the milking process is complete, the innovative front exit of the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor comes into play: A powerful pneumatic system lifts the entire front of the milking parlor in just a few seconds, allowing the cows to leave their stalls.
  • The front is then lowered again and the next group can enter the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor.

This powerful system is available with up to 2x60 milking stalls, making the Magnum 90i VL the perfect solution for large herds.

A comfort-focused design to simplify the work of the milker

The Magnum 90i VL has been designed to be completely ergonomic. This ensures that the udder can always be accessed easily. The open design of the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor makes it easy to see every cow, so you can react quickly to any problems. The ergonomic front arm is another intelligent solution:

  • It is flexible so that it can adjust to the movements of the cow.
  • It also applies a gentle pressure in the direction of the milking pit.
  • The animal then stays in the perfect position for the milker and can be milked quickly.

With this innovative solution, the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor combines gentle treatment of the cow with a fast milking process.

A comfortable cow is easier to milk

The Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor makes no compromises when it comes to the comfort of the cow. The entire system is designed so the animals are happy to use the milking stalls. Rounded poles and greater freedom of movement make the milking process comfortable for the animals, while the open design helps to lower their stress levels. As there are no traditional front arms, even large breeds have plenty of space in the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor. This makes the Magnum 90i VL a flexible solution for milking large herds.

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