Elevate your milking operation to new heights with Vertical Lift

Side-by-Side parlor DairyParlor P7550

Elevate your milking operation to new heights with Vertical Lift

Barrier-free within seconds

GEA DairyParlor P7550 vl vertical lift side-by-side conventional milking parlor cow exit

With the exit gate that lifts in a matter of seconds, the DairyParlor P7550 ensures safe and fast cow flow with no obstructive equipment in the exiting area. Your cows will appreciate such unique accessibility.

Group indexing – for convenient and clean milking processes

The position of the exit gate can be adjusted as needed, and at the touch of a button, the group indexing function gently pushes heifers and smaller cows towards the splash shield. This makes it easy to ensure that every udder is in the perfect position for cluster attachment – while keeping the entire milking environment clean.

High comfort and easy handling

The DairyParlor P7550 guarantees maximum operater ease during every milking session because all the equipment is clearly arranged. Short distances and state-of-the-art ergonomics provide the ideal conditions for fast, comfortable handling of daily routines. Safe and easy access to each cow and an unobstructed view of the cows’ udders enable cluster application in no time. Enjoy top-class milking of your herd, now and in the future.

Durable design

From the stainless steel covered milking technology to the galvanized frame – the heavy-duty construction is thoroughly designed to withstand continuous use. That means you can consistently milk your herd extremely economically, whether milking takes place only for a few brief milking times per day or constantly – up to 24 hours per day, every day.

  • From 2 × 8 to 2 × 50 milking stalls, doublesided. Single-sided design available on request
  • Standard or Subway versions
  • Comfortable milking stalls, each 720 mm wide and 1.6 m high
  • Stainless steel covering protects the milking technology from dust and moisture while reducing noise in the milking parlor
  • Low-maintenance, easy access components
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