Specifically designed for goat milking

SR Rapid Exit - Rapid Exit Small Ruminant Parlour

The SR Rapid Exit parlour is available in either a high-line or low-line configuration, making it perfect for those requiring a high-throughput parlour for either sheep or goat milking operations.

One of the quickest milking parlours in terms of animals milked per hour thanks to efficient entry and exit design, the SR Rapid Exit excels at milking small ruminant animals. Animals are quickly and safely guided into the milking parlour, where individual indexing gates align animals to the ideal milking presentation.

Customise your SR Rapid Exit to suit your milking operation – whether you’re looking to build new or retrofit an existing bovine parlour with either a double-up or swing-over milking configuration.

Key features & benefits:

SR Internal – Small Ruminant Internal Rotary Parlour
  • 20-100 clusters
  • Perfect for new builds or retrofit dairy conversions 
  • Rapid exit gates and a completely open exit area for efficient animal flow and fast exit speeds 
  • Options for high-line and low-line configurations 
  • Reduction of labour input and animal stress 
  • Quick self-loading individual indexing gates 
  • Individual feed bins and headlocks 
  • Group feeding as standard 
  • Clusters without claws for fewer liner slips and efficient milk-out 
  • Integrated plant control with single-point plant operation

Automation options:

  • Automatic cluster removers
  • Milk metering 
  • Herd management software 

Milking Performance Goats & Sheep / Hour

Milking Performance Goats & Sheep / Hour
Rows / Hr12108.67.56.7
Row Times (Mins)56789
No. Goats & Sheep Milked per hour
Size of System2 x 20480400343300267
2 x 30720600514450400
2 x 34816680583510453
2 x 36864720617540480
2 x 40960800754600533
2 x 441056880754660587
2 x 5012001000857750667

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