Autopuls S Pulsator

Autopuls S is a new generation of pulsator, engineered for long life even in the harshest working environment.

Precision electronics deliver a perfectly controlled pulse to the cluster, providing accurate milking and rest phases. Front and rear milking ratios are possible along with variable pulsation rates.

Indicators under the front cover show coils being energized for visual reference. The onboard filtering system reduces noise for whisper quiet operation.

The unique “quick release” clamping system makes installation and servicing simple.

Key Features

  • Accurate pulsation for optimum milking performance
  • One pulsator per cluster assembly
  • Adjustable rate and ratios
  • Sealed from water
  • Pulsator airline filter included

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SpecificationsAutopuls S Pulsator Specifications

Operating voltage: 24V
Current consumption: 0.13amps per pulsator
Ration: Dependant on generator settings
Rate: Dependant on generator settings
Operating vacuum: 35Kpa to 50Kpa
Nominal Vacuum Consumption per pulsator: 1 Cluster - 33L air/min (assuming typical cluster with 2.5m long air tube)
Pulsation Capacity: Up to four standard cow milking shells i.e. one cluster assembly which have pulsa tubes 8mm in diameter not exceeding 3m long
Flying Lead: Three-core 0.5mm square cable
Dimensions: 115mm L x 95mm W x 125mm D
Weight: 0.49kg

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