iNTELSPRAY2 Walkover Teat Spray System

The iNTELSPRAY2 system automatically senses and sprays the animal’s teats on exit of the milking parlor. This has the advantage of reducing the operator workload at milking time.

The controller delivers a metered dose of teat spray to the animal. Usage is not excessive and compares favorably with dipping or hand spraying. The system is easy to programme and install.

Key Features

  • Easy to program and install
  • Reduces operator workload
  • Delivers a controlled metered dose of teat spray
  • Remote cow sensor picks up cows movement and determines the udder position prior to spraying
  • Includes a built in cow counter and cow alarm
  • Two spray pads can be connected to one control box
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System Features and Specifications

Operator Feedback at Milking Time

The system has four modes, which are controlled by the push buttons on the front cover. These are MILK; SPRAY ON / SPRAY OFF, COUNT ALARM and OFF.

The backlit screen shows the mode of control. For example, the screen shows if the system is waiting for a cow, delaying for a time period, spraying the udder or resetting. The system also shows how many cows have been sprayed.

Sprayer On / Off mode - Used to continuously open the spray valve to clear the spray lines of air. Press the spray key once to activate the valve and again to switch the valve off.

Count Alarm – iNTELSPRAY2 has a count alarm that can be set. After the preset number of cows has been sprayed the controller closes an output. The output can be connected to an audible alarm, flashing light or gate (these output devices are not supplied with the unit

System Features

  • Detect Delay - Timer stops false triggering of the unit. The time that is set must equal the time a cow is committed to moving over the spray pad (0.1-5 seconds).
  • Spray Delay Timer - Time in seconds between the cow being detected and starting to spray (0.1-10 seconds).
  • Spray Time - Time in seconds that the spray solenoid will be activated (0.1-10 seconds).
  • Reset Delay - Time in seconds that the controller will disregard the input from the sensor. This is to ensure that a cow cannot be sprayed twice (0.1-10 seconds).
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