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DairyMilk M6700 - Control Units & Milk Meters

Milking control units from the GEA DairyMilk product line support you in the milking stall and offer the whole spectrum of modern milking management. Whether it’s starting stimulation, controlling the milk flow or measuring milk yield, GEA’s milking control units can be operated intuitively and, depending on the equipment, can control the milking process including milking cluster removal, moving the retention arm or backflushing. Need to call up milking results directly at the milking stall or compare current data via the network connection in GEA’s herd management system? Choose the range of functions that supports you and your team best and benefit from comfort and top efficiency at every milking.


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Customer case

GEA milking system upgrade shaves 2 hours off daily milking

New Zealand Goat Farmers Wiebe and Piety Smitstra retrofitted their goat milking shed with a GEA low line double-up herringbone system, including automatic cup removers, milk meters and DairyPlan software.

Customer case

ApolloMilkSystem makes all the difference for Millers Court Farm

The ApolloMilkSystem makes all the difference for Ed Newton from Millers Court Farm. It leaves nothing to chance when taking care of the welfare of his dairy herd. It dips, teats and flushes the milking cluster automatically after every milking thereby achieving simultaneously the key aims of high quality milk, improved labor productivity, better milk yield and very good udder hygiene.


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