iNTELSTART Start up Control

iNTELSTART is designed to work in conjunction with either iNTELFLOW, iNTELCENTER or iNTELPUMP controller.

iNTELSTART Start up Control

When networked to the iNTELSTART via RS485 it can be programmed to switch the plate heat exchanger (PHE) pump or solenoid valve on and off at the same time as the milk pump during milking, thereby reducing water usage.

iNTELSTART will also turn the water off automatically during the wash cycle, eliminating the risk of accidental cooling of hot wash water.

It controls the vacuum pump motor contactors and if using a water ring type vacuum pump a float switch can be installed in the water reservoir. If there is no water present, the pump will not run, thus preventing damage to the pump system.

Key Features

  • Programmable timers, can be customized
  • Controls the water flow through the PHE
  • No vacuum pump fluid protection
  • “Remote Pump Out” switch capable
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System Features

Run On Time1-20 seconds
Pump Out Time1-30 seconds
Auto Milk StartYes / No
Pump ManagerADV / STD
Milk / Wash Delay1-60 seconds
Milk Clear Time1-60 seconds
Injector On Time1-120 seconds
Actuator Cycle Time1-120 seconds
Actuator On Time1-30 seconds
Pump Off Delay1-120 seconds
PHE Start Delay0-30 seconds
PHE Run On Time1-120 seconds
Fluid Level SwitchN/O, N/C
Fluid Level Shut Down1-30 seconds
NetworkYes, automatic initiation of milk, wash and off modes.
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Operating Voltage12-15V DC
Controller OutputMilk pump contractor 250V, 3 amps max
Purge Valve Output12V DC
Overload ProtectionYes – sub miniature fuses
Input ProtectionPolarity protected
Enclosure165mmH x 220mm W x 110mmD
IP ProtectionIP55

Power Supply

Input Voltage240V AC 50/60Hz
Output12V DC output 1 amp
Enclosure88mmH x 68mmW x 59mmD

Float Level Switch

Operating Voltage12V DC
Operating Temperature0-750C
Flying Lead0.5m
IP RatingTo IP68
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