iDAIRYWARE Milking Rubberware

A premium range of dairy rubberware and fittings are available to suit all machine types.

iDairyware Rubberware

The advanced synthetic formulation offers the performance of silicon with the hardwearing properties of rubber. The product has superior flexibility and is UV stabilized for long life.

Key Features

  • Advanced synthetic formulation
  • UV stabilized
  • Superior flexibility
  • Available in rolls and cut lengths

Milk Tube

Milfos milk tube 1220mm x 16mmLength
Milfos milk tube 1220mm x 19mmLength
Milfos milk tube 20m x 16mmRoll
Milfos milk tube 20m x 19mmRoll

Air Tube

Milfos twin air tube 1220mm x 7mmLength
Milfos twin air tube 20m x 7mm20m roll
Milfos single air tube 1220mm x 9.5mmLength
Milfos single air tube 20m x 9.5mm20m roll

Claw Tube

Claw tube molded 165mm x 7mmEach
Claw tube 190mmEach

Rubber Bends

Spring bend 12.7mm fit 15.9mmEach
Spring bend 22.2mm fit 25.4mmEach
Spring bend 28.6mm fit 32mmEach
Spring bend 35mm fit 38mmEach
Spring bend 48mm fit 51mmEach
Spring bend 59mm fit 63mmEach
Spring bend 71mm fit 76mmEach
Reducing bend 28.6mm to 22mmEach
Longtail bend 12.7mm fit 16mmEach
Longtail bend 15.9mm fit 19mmEach
Increasing longtail bend 12.7mm to 15.9mmEach
Reducing longtail bend 15.9mm to 12.7mmEach

Rubber Sleeves

Beveled Sleeve 22mm fit 25mmEach
Beveled Sleeve 28mm fit 32mmEach
Beveled Sleeve 35mm fit 38mmEach
Beveled Sleeve 48mm fit 51mmEach
Beveled Sleeve 59mm fit 63mmEach
Beveled Sleeve 72mm fit 75mmEach
Tapered rubber sleeve 32mm to 38mmEach

Rubber Plugs

Milking machine plug 13mmEach
Milking machine plug 16mmEach
Milking machine plug 19mmEach
Milking machine plug 25mmEach
Milking machine plug 32mmEach
Milking machine plug 38mmEach
Milking machine plug 51mmEach
Milking machine plug 63mmEach
Milking machine plug 76mmEach
Milking machine plug 100mmEach
32mm strap plug for 32mm tubeEach
38mm strap plug for 38mm tubeEach
50mm strap plug for 50mm tubeEach
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