iCORE Milking Point Management

iCORE takes the management of individual milking components and integrates them into one seamless and easy to use system.

Future proofed system

An intelligent iCORE control unit is located in each bail, where it integrates the functions from the individual automation components. 

As an Automatic Cluster Remover (ACR) the intelligent system is designed for simplicity and is easy to operate. The ACR allows the operator full control of the milking point. The LEDs and warning strobe lamps located in the head of the ram indicate the mode of control and if a problem has occurred during milking.Having a centralised control unit gives the flexibility to upgrade to your system with features such as milk measuring, automatic teat sprayer, cluster sanitisation, drafting and herd management software at any stage during the parlours life. 

As future automation options become available you can rest easy knowing these can easily be integrated, guaranteeing a future proofed automation path for any milking parlour.

Global Page Information
Fuction iCore  iCore Advanced  
Automatic Cluster Remover    * *
Cow Retention    * *
Pre-Teat Spraying (where approved)     * *
Pre-Teat Spraying     * *
Heads Down Display  * *
Smart Pulsation Control   * *
Cluster Rinse   * *
Drop Down  * *
Herd Management integration  *
Drafting   *
Milk Metering  *
Milk Composition       *

iCORE Automation Upgrade Options

Build your parlour automation solution step by step by adding these single automation features when required.


Visoflow sensor

Visoflow measures the milk flow through the free flow sensor and supplies the information required for the milking process. Thus, the control unit determines the ideal point for shutting off the vacuum and integrates cluster removal.

Metatron MB

iCore Metatron MB

Metatron MB captures generated data, such as milk yields and conductivity. This ICAR approved metering box, calculates the milk flow rate and exact milk yields from your cows.iCore Metatron MB captures generated data, such as milk yields and conductivity. This highly accurate metering box, calculates the milk flow rate and exact milk yields from your cows.



iNTELLAB is a revolutionary inline sensor for measuring 5 key elements of your cows milk. At each milking the milk yield, fat, protein, lactose and conductivity profile of each cow is measured and recorded.

iCRS Cow Restraint

iCRS Cow Restraint

Connected to iCORE the restraint retains the cow on the platform if milking has not completed or an alert has been triggered.


iCore automatic teatsprayer

Automatic in bail pre and post teat spray system to manage udder health. iPUD Heads Down Display (HDD) integrates all functions of the iPUD with a large indicator panel, that shows modes of operation, giving operators visual feedback, as well as illumination of the udder and a backlit stripping panel to check for clots or blood in the milk.

Cluster Rinse*

iCore Cluster sanitisation

Cluster Rinse will automatically rinse and sanitise each cluster with peracetic acid (where approved) after individual milking, reducing the spread of bacteria which causes mastitis.

*Can only be installed in conjunction with Drop Down

Drop Down

iCore drop down

This innovative feature allows the clusters to drop down under the bridge area where cows enter and exit, ensuring an unobstructed entrance and exit.

Herd Management Software

iCore Herd Management Software

The incorporation of a herd management system extends possibilities. Capturing, recording and analysing key elements of your herds milk allows for up to the minute decisions on milk production, animal health and feeding which ultimately improve profitability.


iCore drafting

Animals can be sorted automatically based on the groups they fall into or set criteria. This improves productivity at milking time. iCORE sends a signal via CoreConnect through to the Herd Management system, if the animal fits the criteria it will be automatically drafted.

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