Milking Control Units Metatron, DeMax & DemaTron

Make the right choice for a better milk production of your dairy farm. The modular GEA milking control technology evaluates your data for precision livestock farming to control your processes.

Metatron Premium 21 and Select 21

Metatron Milking Detacher

The seamless integration of Metatron 21 and DairyPlan C21 opens up completely new possibilities for optimizing your work flow directly in the milking stall. Metatron 21 records all of the data that is generated, such as milk yield, conductivity or input (e.g. selection marker) and sends the data to DairyPlan C21 for further processing. The latest values are then compared with the values saved in DairyPlan C21. Thanks to the graphical presentation of this information, it can be easily viewed at any time with just a quick glance directly at the Metatron P21 Terminal.

Metatron Select ensures automatic control of the pulsation system – the milk flow controlled follow-up milking and automatic removal as well as the optional time-controlled removal process. Furthermore, Metatron Select can be combined with Metatron Premium: Metatron P21 can be fitted to your integrated gate controller, e.g. on the first and last milking stalls, and Metatron S21 can be fitted in the remaining milking stalls. 

DeMax 55 & DeMax 60

DairyFarming DeMax 60
DeMax 60

This selection of milking stall assistants will provide you with maximum milking comfort. DeMax 55 controls the automatic upgrade via StimoPuls and automatic switching off of the pulsation system. DeMax 60 also represents maximum cluster removal comfort (Back Flush, PosiCare, etc.).

DemaTron 60, DemaTron 70, DemaTron 75

DairyFarming DemaTron 70
DemaTron 70

Are you looking for an economical way of introducing milk yield monitoring and cluster removal? Then you will find out, that the DemaTron 60 and the DemaTron 70 control units are absolutely the top products with regard to their price/performance ratio. DemaTron 60 controls and monitors the milking process ranging from pulsation up to automatic cluster removal. The milk yield recorded by the special LactoFlow monitor is used as the basis for controlling an effective milk management process. DemaTron 70 will additionally provide you with precise information of the milk yield, together with the removal of the clusters. The milk flow and milk yield monitoring information – provided by Matatron MB – can be used to optimize the removal function and udder  health as well. The benefits for you are a safe monitoring of the milking process and optimum stripping. For manual animal identification in the parlor we offer DemaTron 75.

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