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GEA ProMix

The way the ingredients are mixed defines the success of the final food product. Get it wrong, and productivity and quality will suffer. Fortunately, GEA ProMix twin-shaft mixer, is here to help. It combines robust design with precision and flexibility, to help you get the mix right. Every time again and again.

GEA ProMix | Twin-shaft mixer for food preparation - twin-shaft mixing wings

Getting the mix right

It should not be a secret that the mixing process is critical for the quality of the final food product and your overall line productivity. Whether that would be a chicken nugget, a meat burger or a plant-based product, a precise and controlled mixing process at the start will affect the forming, cooking and frying later, and even the product’s shelf performance. For example, the mix needs to be chilled at the right level of crystallization to secure high quality, high capacity forming. Using the correct mixing parameters, water binding can be achieved with minimum binding agent, while still retaining the required level of water within the product. Drawing on many years of holistic expertise in further processing has led us to perfecting our mixing technology.

The GEA ProMix is a multi-purpose twin-shaft mixer for a variety of all-meat or extended meat products, fish and vegetarian products, and for pre-mixing wiener and frankfurter emulsions. The high peripheral wing speed gives good protein extraction, uniform distribution of additives and effective protein activation. Minimal clearance between wings and tub ensures thorough mixing and absorption of liquids, spices and other ingredients. It is available with vacuum and defrost function and optionally with cooling and temperature control.

Premium quality poultry mix with PowerGrind and ProMix

Main applications

GEA ProMix | Twin-shaft mixer for food preparation main applications

Main product applications for GEA ProMix twin-shaft mixer include all kinds of all-meat or extended meat products, seafood, meat replacement and vegetarian products - for example, hamburger patties, meat balls, luncheon meat and ground sausages - and for pre-mixing of wiener and frankfurter emulsions.

Premium mixing quality

  • Ideal for fresh and frozen and fresh/frozen mixtures
  • Independently driven mixing wings provide different mixing actions - clockwise, counterclockwise, inwards, outwards - to aid optimal mixing and protein extraction
  • High peripheral wing speed helps to optimize protein extraction, and ensure uniform distribution of additives and effective protein activation
  • Short mixing and discharge time with a design that helps to minimize product residue and so reduce cross mixing of batches

Robust, very reliable and flexible mixer

  • Variable wing-speed as standard, for flexible, versatile operation
  • Outlet gates designed with a "lockable knee", so they remain closed irrespective of the product pressure 
  • Modular set-up allows easy integration of options or upgrades, such as cooling, defrosting and vacuum
  • Seamless integration into high performance and fully automated processing lines

Easy to operate, maintain and clean

  • Designed according to the highest safety standards
  • Easy to open and clean. Exchange of shaft seals can be completed in minutes.
  • Operator-friendly touch screen with standard prepared programs


Advanced technology
Efficient cooling with optimal process control
GEA ProMix | Twin-shaft mixer for food preparation - efficient cooling with optimal process control

With optional liquid CO2 or liquid N2 cooling, the ProMix mixer is suitable for extended formed products. Cooling provides the correct viscosity and product crystallization for forming, which helps to maintain the product shape during processing. By measuring the motor torque load, the mixer detects the viscosity of the mix and, in combination with the temperature measurement, controls the exact cooling time for optimal forming consistency. The cryogen cooling system with Air Liquide nozzles is designed to optimize penetration of cooling gas into the mix, with potential savings in gas of up to 30% compared with conventional bottom injection, and up to 50% when compared with top injection. This special cooling system can also reduce cooling time by approximately 50%. Cooling can also reduce bacterial growth, and so help to extend the shelf life of the mixture.

Air evacuation prior to forming, stuffing or emulsifying

The optional vacuum function further increases versatility of the ProMix mixer. Vacuum improves curing and protein extraction and gives greater control over premix density. This can help to generate a higher quality end product.

Technical details
ProMix 1000ProMix 1500ProMix 2500
Volume1400 l1780 l2500 l
Mixing power (variable speed control)11 kW (2x5,5)15 kW (2x7,5)22 kW (2x11)


Options for GEA ProMix
The GEA ProMix - with ColdSteam technology
GEA ColdSteam defrosting technology for GEA tumblers & mixers

A GEA ProMix system equipped with ColdSteam technology provides fast tempering, in minutes instead of hours, while maintaining product integrity. By introducing steam under vacuum conditions, the energy required for defrosting is transferred into the mix at low temperatures (approx 33 °C, instead of above 100°C). This "cold steam" method means it is possible to achieve superfast defrosting, without scalding or denaturing the proteins. The GEA ColdSteam technology effectively makes it possible to integrate 2 functionalities, tempering and mixing, into a single machine.

Finding the missing link between mixing and forming
GEA Batch2Flow - the missing link between mixing and forming

Preparation is key when making formed products. But once you have made the perfect mix, you'll need to get it into the former without losing even a touch of that perfection. And as anyone in the industry will tell you, neither trollies nor cold stores provide a result you can rely on. We have devised an innovative solution, Batch2Flow: automation to guarantee a perfect result. 

Discover more about Batch2Flow

New and used stock equipment

New and used food processing equipment

Immediately available equipment from stock

You can get your production up-to-speed even faster with new and refurbished GEA food processing equipment, available from stock. Fast delivery, lower costs, but still with the same high quality and reliability you expect from GEA.

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