Compact and space saving solution

GEA CombiGrind

The GEA CombiGrind I has been designed as a single, compact unit that combines an intermeshing paddle mixer and a high-performance grinder. The unit is ideal for mixing and grinding pre-ground meat and fragile meat products, especially when fast, effective mixing, perfect granulometry and high contrast color definition are essential.

Flexibility meets consistency

The GEA CombiGrind I intermeshing mixing-grinding system offers gentle, effective mixing and high capacity grinding in one versatile, hygienic unit. Ideal for mixing and grinding fresh and frozen meat mixtures for ground meat products, the technology helps to maintain excellent product structure and product density throughout the mixing and grinding process. Effective processing helps ensure rapid, thorough distribution and absorption of liquids, spices and additives, while retaining a top quality granulate with high color definition after grinding. The GEA CombiGrind I can be integrated into processing lines or be used as a stand-alone unit.

Main applications

GEA CombiGrind I | Grinding & Mixing combination for ground meat products - main applications

Main product applications include ground meat and pre-ground meat products, such as case-ready portions, hamburgers, various types of salami and other fragile meat products. Also highly effective processing of extended products such as patties, various ground meat sausages, meat balls and nuggets. 

Flexibility you need

  • Suitable for a wide range of production volumes
  • A range of cutting tools - including 3- or 5-piece cutting sets - are available to achieve the desired grinding results
  • An optional discharge gate gives users the ability to use the CombiGrind I for mixing only
  • Additional options available for cooling, dosing, weighing, hard particle removal and variable mixing speeds

Consistent product quality

  • Gentle and highly effective mixing, resulting in excellent particle definition and even fat and lean meat distribution
  • Up to 20% less mixing time required compared with other brands
  • Consistent quality throughout the entire batch thanks to constant infeed of ingredients
  • The specially designed grinding head minimizes backwash and results in best cut possible

Easy to operate and maintain

  • Hygienic design with curved corners and smooth surfaces facilitates thorough cleaning 
  • (Dis)assembly can be carried out by a single operator, using the cleaning trolley for the processing worm and cutting tools
  • Easily removed leakproof shaft seals for user-friendly daily cleaning

Advanced technology

Efficient cooling with optimal process control

With optional liquid CO2 or liquid N2 cooling, the mixer/grinder is suitable for extended formed products. Cooling can help to reduce bacterial growth and so extend the shelf life of the mixture. 

Special cooling nozzles, dedicated for delivering CO2 or N2 cooling gas, are designed to help ensure optimal penetration of cooling gas into the mix. This saves gas costs and mixing time. The nozzles are easy to remove and clean. 

By measuring the motor torque load, this mixer detects the viscosity of the mix and, in combination with the temperature measurement, controls the exact cooling time for optimal forming consistency.

Technical details

CombiGrind1500/200 CombiGrind 2200/280
Mixing capacity 1500 l 2200 l
Grinder unit Ø 200 mm Ø 280 mm
Dimensions 1795x1284x1805 mm 1847x1692x1921 mm
Eletric power 55-77 kW 92,5-105,5 kW

Options for GEA CombiGrind

Hard particle sorting device

The optional hard particle sorting system automatically removes bone chips, connective tissues and other hard particles, but with minimal meat loss. The device collects and accumulates the particles at programmable intervals, then pneumatically ejects them before returning to its collecting position. The stroke frequency is easily adjustable to ensure an optimal ejection/yield ratio.

Modular design

An optional discharge gate gives users the ability to use the CombiGrind I for mixing only, and bypass the grinding step without the need to reconfigure the whole machine. Additional configuration options and auxiliary equipment are available for cooling, dosing, weighing, hard particle removal and variable mixing speeds.


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