A true multi-tasker for cutting & emulsifying

GEA CutMaster

A true multi-tasker, the versatile, user-friendly GEA CutMaster Gen3 bowl cutter cuts, mixes and emulsifies a wide range of food products. Now you can quickly switch between ingredients and product types, from coarse chopping to very fine emulsions.

All-in-one solution for bowl cutting, mixing and emulsifying

You tell us that speed and quality are key features for equipment investment, so we’ve designed the GEA CutMaster bowl chopper to help you achieve both, and give you reliable, consistent products, and a high yield for downstream processing. Featuring a GEA TopCut VSH (Versatile – Safe - Hygienic) knife head, the machine can work at exceptionally fast cutting speeds of up to 162 m/s. Demonstrating highly efficient particle reduction, the GEA CutMaster equipment can give you emulsions that have right binding consistency and firmness, as well ass uniform color and taste.

GEA CutMaster Gen 3 | The reference in bowl cutting

Main applications

Main applications GEA CutMaster Gen 3 | Bowl cutter & emulsifier for the food industry

The GEA CutMaster is perfect for a wide range of product applications, including course to very fine sausage, fish, poultry, pork, beef, vegan, vegetarian and meat-replacement products, processed cheese, sauces and a variety of basic products used in the food processing industry.  

Technology know-how you can count on

  • An all-in-one, flexible machine for cutting, mixing and emulsifying, with optional cooling and dosing functions
  • On-board monitoring and control system to ensure batch consistency
  • Hygienic design, compact footprint and high-quality components for long lifespan
  • More than 70 years of industry excellence in bowl chopper technology

Efficient particle size reduction

  • Efficient processing with TopCut VSH knife head, featuring cutting speeds of up to 162 m/s
  • Great flexibility in product type applications, from coarse chopping to the finest emulsion
  • Variable cutting area with up to 95% filling level for increased productivity
  • Wide range of knife shapes and knife head configurations to support processing flexibility

Product consistency

  • Uniform and homogeneous mixing for ingredients to create optimal binding and texture properties
  • Great binding consistency for the right formability during further processing 
  • Variable cutting speed and cutting area to reach required degree of fineness 

Ergonomic hygienic design

  • 3-A certificate to comply with high sanitary standards requirements
  • Intuitive integrated control cabinet (DC) and hydraulic system for easy operation
  • Sealed product area with sloped surfaces for hygienic operation and easy cleaning
  • Raised bowl edge for a perfect sealing between bowl and knife cover

Automation solutions to perform to the absolute best

Optimum operation of even the best bowl cutter is only possible, if the software systems are of equal quality. Digitalization helps you to raise the bar and constantly improve. GEA’s intuitive control system CutControl Pro Touch allows you to automate the operational cutting processes by recording for every single product. With the External Recipe Editor you can create and edit recipes on the machine and on an external PC as well. And to further analyze and improve production GEA offers the on-premise process data monitoring system GEA Process Manager. 

Alternatively, the cloud-based InsightPartner continuously monitors machine condition and performance, delivering valuable insights based on real data. This comprehensive overview of the operation of the equipment allows maintenance managers to easily track key performance indicators that are critical to the business success as well as optimize uptime and planned maintenance.


Advanced technology
Technical details for GEA CutMaster
Execution High performance PLUS
CutMaster 200 Bowl volume 200 l 200 l
Max. cutting speed 144 m/s 162 m/s
Max. no of revolutions 4900 rpm 5520 rpm
Reverse mixing rpm 60 -500 60 -500
Motor (standard AC) 103 kW 138 kW
CutMaster 325 Bowl volume 325 l 325 l
Max. cutting speed 144 m/s 162 m/s
Max. no of revolutions 4100 rpm  4620 rpm
Reverse mixing rpm 60 -500 60 -500
Motor (standard AC) 138 kW 172 kW
CutMaster 500 Bowl volume 500 l 500 l
Max. cutting speed 144 m/s 162 m/s
Max. no of revolutions 3600 rpm 4060 rpm
Reverse mixing rpm 60 -500 60 -500
Motor (standard AC) 172 kW 208 kW
CutMaster 750 Bowl volume 750 l 750 l
Max. cutting speed 132 m/s 144 m/s
Max. no of revolutions 2860 rpm 3120 rpm
Reverse mixing rpm 60 -500 60 -500
Motor (standard AC) 208 KW 230 kW

Additional equipment

Additional equipment
GEA loading & handling equipment

Using our buffering and belt transport equipment to distribute the emulsion or premix means the product can be transported to the next stage in the process by simply pressing a button. Our transport systems also eliminate the need for manual handling and for storing trolleys in the preparation area, which saves on time and space, and helps to reduce delays.

GEA line solutions

GEA supplies complete preparation systems for processed meat, poultry, fish, meat alternative and other products. Because we understand your processes, we can configure fully automated production lines that will help you to achieve your key goals of processing consistently high-quality products, with full traceability, and reduced labor costs.

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