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GEA MixMaster

GEA MixMaster brine and marinade preparation system offers controlled and efficient mixing with the flexibility to adapt to meet specific application needs. Its functionality is essential for downstream processes, in use with injectors, massagers/tumblers and mixers.

GEA mixmaster brine mixing equipment

Perfect mixing from light brines up to heavy marinades

Homogeneous brines and marinades are a critical factor in the marination process. GEA MixMaster delivers perfect mixing. From light brines and pickles up to higher viscose marinades. It features modular mixing and storage tanks of 500, 1500 or 3000 liters, making it possible to expand the system and increase capacity. It is equipped with a two-speed stirring device, ingredient hopper with venturi principle, and available in push-button or PLC versions. 

With the modular mixing and storage tanks, capacity can be increased. A recipe management system is available on PLC-controlled machines for easy operation and repeatability and enables to clean in-between batches or perform a thoroughly cleaning process. The result: perfect brines and marinades made in a clean machine every time.

Main applications

GEA MixMaster | Different brines and pickles from light brines to heavy marinades for applications such as bacon, ham, nuggets, chicken wings & spareribs

GEA MixMaster is suited for the preparation of homogenic brines and marinades such as:

  • Soluble water-like brines and pickles: ideal for applications like bacon and ham
  • Brines with tendency to sediment: ideal for applications like tempura coated nuggets
  • High viscose marinades: ideal for applications like chicken wings
  • High viscose marinades with tendency to sediment: ideal for applications like spare ribs

Homogenic brine mix

  • Complete homogeneity of brine or marinade, even with ingredients that are difficult to mix
  • Flexible and efficient venturi system to dissolve and premix ingredients before entering mixing tank
  • Equipped with a stirring device to help the mixing process and prevent sedimentation
  • The best preparation for optimal brine retention, product marinade coverage and maximum yield

Application-driven and modular system

  • Application-driven configured machine to ensure homogenic brine and marinade mix for wide application window
  • Flawless integration with GEA injectors, tumblers and mixers
  • Modular setup for mixing and storage tanks of 500, 1500 and 3000 liters
  • Available in push button version and PLC-controlled machines with recipe management system for easy operation and repeatability

Ingredient hopper placed at ergonomically correct height 

  • Automatic ingredient supply from hopper by venturi mixing section
  • Highly accessible, self-draining design, with easy to disassemble piping
  • Piping system can be disassembled completely for fast and easy inspection and cleaning
  • Compliant with latest hygiene and safety standards


An advanced venturi system ensures the ingredients are dissolved and premixed into the liquid, before entering the mixing tank. Even working with materials which are difficult to mix, complete homogeneity can be obtained. Features like PLC control to have full process control, brine level control and pump protection ensure this machine is easy to use.

Modular design

The modular design allows easy conversion and extension of features on either the mixing or the storage tank. For example pump size can be adjusted to meet the desired application. 

Stirring device

The stirring device prevents sedimentation by constantly stirring the brine or marinade mix. The stirring device has two, three-wing propellers and can be set to two different speeds, depending on the specifications of the brine or marinade. Next to that the pedals are designed to reduce foam, while reaching maximum turbulence. 

Cooling with glycol (optional)

Option to have the mixing or storage tanks cooled to keep the brine or marinade at optimal temperature for further processing during the marination or preparation process.

Technical details

MixMaster 500 MixMaster 1500 MixMaster 3000
Capacity 500 l 1500 l 3000 l
Electric power 7,2/12,7 kW 6,8 / 12,3 kW 6,8 / 12,3 kW
Machine weight 495 kg 594 kg 767 kg
Dimensions 1850x2450x2400 mm 2400x2400x3200 mm 2900x3000x3700 mm

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