Manure Scraper Robot SRone and SRone+

Strong - agile - indefatigable: for perfect stall hygiene

SRone and SRone+ is a scraper robot designed specially to clean slatted floors. It pushes and scrapes tirelessly, easily traversing long passageways and connecting walkways besides getting into corners and edges to ensure clean, slurry-free surfaces. As a result infection pressure is reduced, hoof diseases and mastitis are guarded against and animal health is consequently promoted.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimized barn hygiene in all slatted passageways
  • Healthy claws, well conditioned animals = reduced treatment costs
  • Extremely agile robot cleans corners, edges and angles
  • Able to handle loads of up to 100 kg with integral safety switching

Noiselessly moving without causing agitation

The SRone and SRone+ moves noiselessly between the animals without causing any agitation. Quite the opposite, the cows take to it right from the start. Flat and compact, the SRone moves smoothly under gates and carries out its work without supervision. The safety switch is particularly animal-friendly; as soon as the pushing is exceeded, it stops forward movement and starts an obstacle-avoidance manoeuvre.

The SRone and SRone+ reliably ensures good barn hygiene by provision of automatic cleaning of the splattered floor. And when it comes to the bottom line, healthy animals produce more milk at less cost!

The clean solution for any barn size – choose the right version for you

The popular SRone with lateral guidance can clean up to 8,000 square meters slatted floor per day, making it the optimum solution for efficiently cleaning out smaller barns with simple, standard walkways and few obstacles. For larger barns with up to 12,000 square meters of slatted flooring to clean each day, or if you wish to design more challenging, personalized route plans, the programmable SRone+ with multifunctional control technology is the ideal choice for reliable, intelligent hygiene management.


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