Magnum - Single Piston Pump

Field proven for over 35 years to evacuate dairy manure.

The Magnum is a low power pump that transfers efficiently thick manure from tied stall barn or from free stall barn up to your main storage through underground line. Different configurations of hopper inlet are offered to suit 1 or 2 barn cleaner installations and alley scraped by a skid-steer loader. The Magnum comes with different discharge choices depending on the installation and the type of bedding. The heavy hydraulic guillotine valves with sharp edges are specifically designed to handle thick manure containing straw and sawdust. A specific version is also offered to manage sand bedding. Take a look at this mainstay product that contributes to build the high quality level reputation of GEA.

Key Features

  • Available motors: 5 or 7.5 HP (5.5 or 3.7 kW).
  • Stainless steel pumping tube.
  • Low pressure mechanical reversing system for smooth operation.
  • Main piston cylinder and both intake and outlet guillotines are driven by a hydraulic power unit.
  • Hydraulic intake and discharge guillotines.
  • The pump can be installed to start automatically or manually by means of a control panel.
  • Easy access to the remote grease lines on top of the pump.
  • 16" (406 mm) discharge.
  • The Magnum is offered with different features to secure your installation when the top of the reservoir is higher than the top of the barn floor or when you have to manage manure containing sand bedding.
  • Performance varies according to installation, manure consistency, quantity and type of bedding - Water addition may be required and straw bedding up to 40 lb per milking cow per day.

Working Principle

During the siphoning cycle (up stroke) the pressure coming from the hydraulic power unit goes through the reversing valve which redirects it first to the discharge guillotine to close it then, to the intake guillotine to open it and finally, to the main piston to stroke upward and fill the evacuation chamber with manure.

During the evacuation cycle (down stroke) the hydraulic pressure closes the intake guillotine and opens the discharge guillotine. Once both guillotine cylinders have reached the end of their stroke, the pressure reaches the upper part of the main piston cylinder to evacuate manure.

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • 5 or 7.5 HP (5.5 or 3.7 kW).
  • Electric oil heater available.
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