Water Treatment Systems

The treatment of water on the high seas is subject to strict economic, technical and ecological rules and regulations. GEA is offering a wide-ranging portfolio of cutting-edge systems to protect the marine ecosystem while safe-guarding the investments of ship owners and operators. These highly efficient, future-proof systems are in line with IMO standards and remove potential hindrances so the operations of our clients and partners run smoothly and reliably.

GEA separators cost-effectively treat bilge water. They are designed for unmonitored continuous operation and are fully compliant with the IMO and USCG requirements.

All options are available from the marine area, from individual components to complete system solutions. The concept is set up for our customers in such a way that the interfaces and planning expenditure is reduced and substantial savings can be achieved in terms of weight and space requirement.

Fresh water generators from GEA continuously extract drinking water from seawater and eliminate the need for freshwater supply tanks.


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