Batch drainage and maturation DMC systems with auger

GEA offers a versatile portfolio of state-of-the-art automated curd drainage and maturation systems used in the production of various types of pasta filata cheese. Batch type DMC systems are available with capacities up to 2,000 kg.

Batch drainage and maturation DMC systems with auger

The DMC batch drainage and maturation systems from GEA completely automate this key process in the production of pasta filata cheeses. The reliable, robust DMC technology can produce curd for a variety of pasta filata cheese types, and handles the curd gently to ensure the highest quality for stretching and downstream processing.

The DMC batch systems are integrated with adjustable-speed rotating coagulation cylinders that produce the curd, and with conveyors to pass the matured curd directly to stretching machines.

Comprising an external and internal vat with integrated auger, the DMC systems allow whey to drain through a perforated metal sheet for recovery in the lower part of the external vat, from where it is sent to a recovery line. The curd can then be retained in the vat for a predetermined time to mature. During maturation the auger can be rotated both forwards and backwards to gently agitate the curd. At the end of maturation the auger moves the curd towards the rotary disc curd cutter, for cutting and passing on to the stretching machines.   

Features and options:

Features and options of the DMC systems include: 

  • 600 mm auger capable of continuous and intermittent running
  • electronically controlled auger speed with inverter and sensor
  • auger support with mechanical gaskets
  • rotary disk curd cutter

Continuous system

GEA also offers a continuous drainage and maturation system that is ideal for the production of large quantities of a single type of curd. The continuous system comprises a curd maturation and transport tunnel with drainage baskets, the allow curd maturation both in and out of whey is possible. A centrifugal pump sends drained whey to the recovery line using a centrifugal pump.

After maturation the curd is tipped out of the baskets to the lower part of the tunnel, where the 500 mm rotary auger transports it to the guillotine curd cutter unit to be cut into predetermined sizes, before transportation along a conveyor system to the stretching machines.

Teflon-coated augers can be supplied for both the batch and continuous curd drainage and maturation systems. Precise control of the auger movement, curd transit and retention time guarantees optimum maturation and curd attributes.

All GEA drainage and maturation systems are constructed using AISI 304 stainless steel and can be supplied with automated cleaning-in-place to comply with the most stringent sanitization regime and hygiene regulations. Automated cleaning reduces the need for manual cleaning, water usage and minimizes stoppage time.

PLC control optimizes automation and working parameters to further reduce manual intervention. The continuous and DMC batch technologies allow for the precise control of curd temperature. Double-walled jackets for hot water heating can be built along the complete length, and a piping system is also installed for product heating or cooling using sprinklers.

GEA builds the highest standards of safety into all of its systems. The curd maturation and drainage technologies feature mechanical barriers or proximity switches to protect danger zones, and safety switches ensure that no operation can be continued if the requisite protection features have not been engaged.

GEA can configure batch and continuous curd drainage and maturation systems to fit in with plant layout, footprint and utilities supply. 

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