Milking Hygiene iNTELJET 2

The iNTELJET 2 system consists of an electronic timer, collection vessel and air injector valve. The assembly is connected to the end of the 4” milkline.

During washing, water is drawn into the collection vessel from the jetter line. Periodically the injector valve is opened which propels the washing solution from the collector down the milkline to the milk receiver. As the solution is propelled down the milkline, a slug is formed which scrubs the milkline for maximum plant hygiene. The slug creates added turbulence in the receiver ensuring a thorough clean.

The unit is automatically initiated in Wash Mode if installed with other Interactive units such as the iNTELPUMP, iNTELFLOW or iNTELWASH.

Key Features

  • Suits 4” Milklines
  • Cleans line with washing slug
  • Interactive capable
  • 150mm diameter collection vessel
  • Fully automatic operation
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